Dressing Tips for the Short and Curvy

Dressing for the short & curvy

On my blog, Deals for the Short and Curvy, I document my “adventures” in dressing my short, curvy figure, and my attempts to “get it right.” My objectives are always to look confident and polished. Over time, I have discovered some main tools in my arsenal that always make me feel more put together. These are some tried and true methods that work for me — hopefully something here can work for you too!

1. A pencil skirt. My personal favorites are heavy ponte knit or lightweight wool skirts. There are a few key points to making sure you get the right fit. Make sure the skirt is not too snug, but that it lies close to the body. Also, experiment a little with the waistline. I am very short-waisted, so I find that a high-waist skirt is very flattering for me. Play around with length, **they** say “knee length,” but I find something just a touch longer or just a touch shorter is much more flattering for me. Pencil skirts are super versatile as well. You can pair them with anything. Get one in denim and wear it whenever you would normally reach for your jeans.
Some outfit ideas:
  • A denim pencil skirt with a black and white “ditsy” polka dot patterned blouse, underneath a Kelly green V-neck sweater.
  • A khaki twill trouser skirt with a brown safari jacket and brown leather belt. Finish it off with shoes and a bag in bright pops of red.
  • A black wool knee length pencil skirt with a silk blouse and boyfriend cardigan. Use a scarf to bring some interest to your face.
2. A perfectly fitted jacket.  My best tips to finding a beautiful jacket? The devil is in the details. When you put on a jacket, check the shoulder. Does your shoulder match up with the seam? If not, this is not the jacket for you. A flush-fitting jacket will make the garment look its best. Secondly, make sure the jacket can close in the front — I know, easier said that done when busty, but it’s a deal breaker. Lastly, make sure there is some definition in the waist, preferably nipped right at your smallest area. I avoid swing jackets like the plague, as they tend to hide curves and overall swamp a short frame.
Some outfit ideas:
  • A charcoal wool blazer, a chambray shirt and twill khaki boot-cut pants, driving moccasins and a cute clutch.
  • A navy fitted jacket with a graphic tee and grey wide leg jeans.
  • A bright fuchsia sateen peplum jacket with a ruffle blouse, tucked into a crisp denim pencil skirt.
3. The power of three. I often dress in all solids or with very simple or tonal patterns. I find with the curves and the lack of height, too much pattern can overwhelm. To create some interest, I try and dress in three-item outfits. So, a t-shirt, jeans and a vest, or pants, cardigan and top, or skirt, jacket and camisole, etc. I find this allows me to play with color and texture in unique ways while still creating the best lines for my body.

4. Accessories, accessories, accessories. You may have noticed the combinations mentioned above are simple. The idea is to compliment the figure, not overwhelm — and overwhelm is easy to do. However, it can feel a little boring from time to time — even with the most beautiful wardrobe of perfectly fitting separates. To keep it fun, develop your taste in accessories. Use scarves, jewelry, handbags, shoes and hats to develop your style.

Hopefully, these tips have helped. There are lots of “rules” out there for us, and I often find myself breaking them. Usually, they are written without considering how diverse a “short and curvy” body can be from one to another (true no matter what the type is). I just try lots of things on and experiment with my figure; I do end up with misses, but end up with plenty of “hits” as well. Good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. just found your blog, and love the tips! I am so glad I am not alone on this adventure (sometimes misadventure!) of finding clothes for petite curvy women. I hate shopping, because what looks good on the rack or the mannequin almost never looks good on me. keep up the great work, looking forward to more great tips =)


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