Lattice Medallion Top and Pencil Skirt

When I first saw the lattice medallion print, I loved it from the start. Guess they figured everyone would -  they used it in many pieces this spring. I thought I would get the skirt, but I didn't love the fabrication in person, so I passed. When the popover went on sale I grabbed it though, and its a winner! :)  Its light and breezy and soft. 

If you are a curvy girl, the Sloan skirt at Banana Republic is a great fit! I do not recommend the Sloan pants however. 

The pink in it was kind of bluish, so I wore it with a lavender cardigan from the Loft. 

Sloan Pencil Skirt from Banana Republic
Lavender Cardi from Talbots
Tights from HUE


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