Random - Foundation Swatches

I had a friend of the blog asked me about some makeup I mentioned earlier this year, and so I swatched them for her, then I figured someone else might looking for the same info, so here they are. 

Swatch of Makeup Forever (MUFE) HD Foundation in #153 
Swatch of Revlon ColorStay Oil Free Foundation in 350, Deep Tan 
Swatch of Korres Wild Rose Foundation in WR3
Swatch of Korres Wild Rose Foundation in WR4
Swatch of Korres Wild Rose Foundation in  WR5

In MAC Studio Fix Powder I am C4, but I have never found one of their foundations that matched me, all of their liquids oxidize on my skin and turn peachy.

With Winter Skin -__-  Korres WR3  and Revlon ColorStay Oil free are the best matches on my face, spring moves me into Korres WR4 but once summer moves in, MUFE 153 and Korres WR5 come out to play :) Yes, they joy of tanning easily is also the joy of owning at least 5 foundations in the course of a year. 


I wore this to dinner with hubby. I have a ton of stuff from the Loft I haven't even worn yet. I need to wear everything before buying anything else..... I love the leggings I bought from the Loft. I keep trying to find a back up pair, but they are always out of my size..

Sweater - Loft
Ponte Knit Dress - NY and CO
Leggings - Loft
Boots - Sam and Libby

Teal and Tan

The days here have been spring / summer like, but the nights have been a bit chillier. I am trying to finish out my boot wearing for the season. Boohoo - I will miss you Riding Boots! Sweater - Loft Scarf - Loft Pants - Talbots Boots - Avenue

Black Blazer

This is the black blazer I got from Dillards recently. I really like it, and was looking for one I could toss on for a myriad of outfits. It set me back a cool $45 (clearance) and is also a 8P. I passed on the 16P pants for this one LOL!

I always have a hard time finding jackets that fit my (narrowish) shoulders, but I think this one worked out pretty well. 

Jacket - Dillards
Sweater - Dillards
Skirt - Target
Tights - Target
Shoes - Amazon

Tales from Shopping

Kind of a funny story. Well, an interesting story. I went shopping recently for some new things and Dillard's was having a major clearance sale. I picked up these pants. They are a size 16P. I bought the matching jacket. It is a size 8P and fits like a glove. It is really hard to shop sometimes. LOL - I much prefer skirts. In which I usually wear a 12/14. Anyway, the pants need a few alterations, but they were only $30, so I will live.

Cardigan - J Crew
Tank - Target
Pants -Dillards
Bag - Talbots
Socks - Target? (teehee)

While I was out, I popped into JCrew to try on this skirt, which (the pattern) is stunning in person. It is called a "long" pencil skirt, but I had no idea what "long" meant to JCrew. I kid you not, the misses skirt went down to my lower-calf...it was HILARIOUS.  I checked the inseam online, and its 25 in misses and 23 in petites. I like my pants to be at about 28.5 (ha!). Also, I tried on the 12, and it was super snug on the backside, but droopy and loose around my tummy and waist. How they managed that, I have NO idea.
 -___- Not the look I am going for. Maybe I should have turned it around (ha!) They didn't have it in  petite in the store I went in, but I doubt it would have fit anyway. Anyone else try this one?
Long No. 2 pencil skirt in sovereign paisley

(Here are the pants and jacket together)