Zebra and Red

Today I have on my newest favorite thing from Talbots. This corduroy jacket fits soo well! I also bought it in brown, and am considering grey. I think I will just stick with the two I have though, might find a grey jacket elsewhere, and not want to get it because I have the cord one. I have on a black base again, this time a dress from Ross, and leggings from the Loft. Also, my $35 Sam and Libby boots :)

I got this bag from Talbots also, during the first part of the Red Hanger Sale. It appears to be sold out, and cost me $29.75 and was final sale.

Red Cord Jacket - Talbots  -$18, currently $25 online
Black Ponte Dress - Ross
Zebra Bag - $29, currently sold out
Black Boots - $35 Pelz Shoes

As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. That looks amazing on you! I have that jacket too, I'm so so on it. I'm usually a "Kate" person but this one seemed to fit in store, but not as well when I actually wear it. How does that happen?

    The color is so great on your skin tone. And you can't go wrong with animal prints!

    I just ordered the hot pink Kate tuxedo jacket, can't wait until it gets here.


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