The Weight Loss Journey Continues...

Hi everyone, its the start of a new year, and so its time to make some new goals. As some of you know, I lost some weight over the last year or so. My before and after are above, and, its time for my after to become my before. :)

In January 2011, I decided to start putting my clothing budget towards a personal trainer, and got into a gym. I am 5'2, and I started at 227 lbs. My trainer and I set a goal of 180, which I was then to maintain for a few months before setting a new goal. I worked out, a lot. And reset some eating habits that were not the best for me. I went to pilates twice a week, yoga once and saw my trainer twice a week. I did cardio almost every day.

I hit the 180 goal in late April 2011, and started on "maintenance" - we planned to start working towards a new goal in July or August, depending on how well maintenance went. Life always has a way of tossing out your best laid plans, and in July we moved away from North Carolina to Virginia. I always "meant" to go sign up for a gym, but let life got too busy.

Well, here is it January 2012, and I still weighed in at 182.2. I don't think my trainer intended me to pause this long. LOL!

 At any rate, I have signed up for a gym, and its time to go hard in the paint again.

Now, I need to decide if I want to hire a trainer again, which was amazing, or if I should just go on my own for awhile. I still need to pick up the pilates and yoga classes, if I decide to go that route again, but what is important is that I am moving forward.

 Anyways, this isn't a weight loss blog, so I will stop there for now, but hope you don't mind if I share progress notes with you from time to time. You can help keep me honest. :)

I suppose this counts as my New Year's Resolution, and thanks for reading my ramble!


  1. You look great and you are an inspiration to me. I am 5'2.5" (every little inch counts when your short right?) and I weigh about 187. I don't make weight loss goals for New Years eve because that seems to doom me to failure, but I am going to try really hard this year, I am not happy with my weight and that makes me I follow your blog so i am rooting you on with your successes!

    Always Summer

  2. What an incredible accomplishment!! You look amazing!

  3. You look SO are an inspiration.

  4. You worked so hard and it shows!!! What an inspiration!

  5. Congratulations on your loss and your maintenance during your move!
    I will enjoy hearing about your continued progress.

  6. You look great! I'm trying to lose 30 lbs, so I need all the encouragement I can get. Keep up the good work :)


  7. Thank you all for the comments, I appreciate it!

  8. You look great! Love the blog. I lost 25lbs last year and have 40 more to go.

  9. Thank you Neka, and its hard work, but its worth it :)

  10. Awesome job, Blanca! Moves can be so stressful, you did an amazing job maintaining. I'm sure you will succeed in 2012!

  11. u are ur own weight loss success story. u look great. I hope to learn frm u, how u hv accomplish so well. Wish u the best of luck in 2012!

    Honeybee from


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