Short and Curvy at the Golden Globes

I saw these photos on the Marie Denee blog - and I had to share. These ladies looked amazing. What can we learn from these gorgeous ladies?

  • Wear your red carpet gown (ha!) close to the body!  
  • Show off the curves and don't hide them.
  • Don't be afraid to go sleeveless or short sleeved. 
  • A little ruching never hurt anyone. :)

Octavia Spencer is 5'2

 Amber Riley is 5'3 


  1. I didn't see Amber, so thanks for sharing pics. She got no screen time, which is too bad. She looked the best out of the girls from Glee. The two I saw looked like they were in pageants. The color of Octavia's gown was beautiful. The fit was great, too. I'm not 100% feeling the hair part in the middle, but it looked better in motion than in stills.

  2. How I love Octavia and she looked quite amazing at the SAG awards too .. I guess what matters is if you love your body the way it is and if you do , it shows !
    Droppin by from Bella's over at One Sister's rant !


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