Shop Winter Sales for 2012 Trends - Bell Skirt

Tulle bell skirt - $43
When I am sale shopping this late in the year for winter clothes, I think its fun to try and grab some things that will be on trend for next year. Since I tend to shop at places that offer classic clothing, and so many of the trends just recycle, its often easy to find some things that are classics that happen to be upcoming trend lines. This series is about shopping current sales for 2012 Trend Items

 Last time we talked about the Moto Jacket then Colorblocking! Our next trend is the bell skirt. Runways have large oversized skirts and poufy overlays - our versions will be much milder in stores. It is suggested to use a wide leather belt at the top to create visual interest.

So, I generally don't wear this type of skirt, but there are some reallly cute ones I have had my eye on for a bit, from talbots, of course. :)

bell skirts

bell skirts by bchez featuring a wool skirt

Talbots full skirt, $41
Talbots - Silk Georgette Pleated Skirt | | Apparel Discover your new..., $44
Wool skirt, $118
Clearance skirts at Coldwater Creek

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