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Calvin Klein Moto Jacket $60 

When I am sale shopping this late in the year for winter clothes, I think its fun to try and grab some things that will be on trend for next year. Since I tend to shop at places that offer classic clothing, and so many of the trends just recycle, its often easy to find some things that are classics that happen to be upcoming trend lines. 

One of the "big" Fall 2012 ready to wear pieces that will "trickle down" from 2011 runways is supposed to be a "softer" version of the Moto Jacket. The details to note are the asymmetrical front, softer fabrics, like knits, and unexpected colors. 

Moto Jacket trend image originally from:
 WeConnectFashion, courtesy of, the site known for great visuals and early trend identification.   

I have seen several moto jackets on sale recently. While the Talbots sweater jacket isn't a moto jacket, I thought it fit some of the details of the Fall 2012 trend, and included it. These jackets below are all "softer" fabrics, have the asymmetry and two are outside of the usual black. Keep this trend in mind when shopping sales, and you might have a fun, funky piece to add to your collection. 

Fall 2012

Lauren Kaya Knit Moto Jacket, $70
Talbots - Sweater Jacket | | Apparel Discover your new look at..., $38
Dana Buchman Ponte Crop Jacket, $63
Chaps Festive Casual French Terry Jacket, $47

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