Petite Arsenal - The Pencil Skirt

Spring Dreaming

Spring Dreaming by bchez featuring a floral print shirt

I have an article linked in the header of this blog called "Dressing Tips" for the Short and Curvy. This week, I am going to expand a little on each of the tips, with some additional images and notes. I have what I call my "Petite Arsenal". Its a set group of style notes that I know won't fail me while I am choosing clothes. That's not to say I stick with these all the time, but its a good guide for me, and it might help you as well.  

The first workhorse in my group is the good ole pencil skirt. Those of you who know me are not surprised, I know. :) I wear pencil skirts A LOT. They really define my figure and fit the image I want to project well.

My personal favorites are heavy ponte knit or lightweight wool skirts. There are a few key points to making sure you get the right fit. Make sure the skirt is not too snug, but that it lies close to the body. Also, experiment a little with the waistline. I am very short-waisted, so I find that a high-waist skirt is very flattering for me. Play around with length, **they** say “knee length,” but I find something just a touch longer or just a touch shorter is much more flattering for me. Pencil skirts are super versatile as well. You can pair them with anything. Get one in denim and wear it whenever you would normally reach for your jeans.

I think a skirt helps avoid so many fit issues petites have with pants. We might have short legs and a normal rise, or a petite rise and torso, and need misses length in the leg of the pants. With skirts, so much of that complicated formula is erased. I often feel like pants that fit me perfectly in the rise are just a little short in length and to keep from being to frustrated, I try and buy a few pair of pants that fir perfectly, and then fill in the rest of my wardrobe with skirts.

If you have any questions about skirts, or what to wear them with, leave me a note, and I will get you a response! :)

Some outfit ideas:
Spring Dreaming 2

A denim pencil skirt with a black and white “ditsy” polka dot patterned blouse, underneath a Kelly green V-neck sweater.

Swap the Belt

A khaki twill trouser skirt with a brown safari jacket and brown leather belt. Finish it off with shoes and a bag in bright pops of red.

winter yellows

A black wool knee length pencil skirt with tights, boots and a great fitted sweater. Use a scarf to bring some interest to your face.


  1. Love the outfits. Technically, I am not petite, but I am short (avg height), but I am all about the skirts. The pant is not a friend of mine and I have banned them in my spring/summer wardrobe. lol


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