MLK Day - Relaxed Comfort

Today, I had on the work at home uniform, jeans, tee and cardigan. And of course, I am always cold, so a scarf as well. I do love these zebra shoes. They are calf hair flat from Talbots. I have had a weird time lately with Tal's shoes. I bought these, which are narrow, and they are a tad loose still. Then I bought some heels, and they are narrow and just a little tight in the toe box. Just not as consistent as they used to be.

Lace Tee - Loft
Jeans - Talbots
Cardigan - Loft
Scarf - ?
Zebra Flats - Talbots

As always, thanks for reading!!


  1. You look so pretty in these pictures Bianca!!....I know what you mean about the "wah uniform"....although mine is usually sweat pants, tank top, cardi and flip flops - Lol

  2. Thanks Carla!

    I know Callandra, I do try and dress everyday, but its hard with it being winter!


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