Black and Tan

I love this outfit! The double breasted sweater here is a thing of beauty and only $32 during the Talbot's red hanger sale. Also, one of my favorite things to do is wear a "black base" and toss a jacket or sweater over it.  Its a black tank and then skirt and tights, or black pants. This is usually what I wear to go shopping, cause it makes it really easy to judge the new pieces I am trying on. Also, I saw this skirt on a Target clearance rank and grabbed it without trying it, it was perfect!

 Here are the Target shoes I mentioned a few weeks ago ($20)


The Goods:
Sweater Jacket - Talbots $32
Ponte Knit Skirt - Target $8
Tank Target $8
Tights ?
Shoes - Target $20
Scarf - $10


  1. Beautiful outfit! It looks so expensive too, I'm amazed to see how much you paid for everything!

  2. Thanks! I love to look spendy for cheap XD


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