Same Shirt, New Shoes

This post  is for Nisha98 - She mentioned that she grabbed this skirt on clearance, but didn't have boots for it yet. So here is the skirt again, but with tights and pumps :)

I think you can totally wear this with booties as well. Have some fun with it.

Cowlneck Sweater - Loft $25
Skirt - Loft $17.50 (sold out)
Belt Loft - $9.99 (sold out)
Shoes - Target $20 (instore price)


  1. That's a good look. I like the belt with it.

  2. Thanks. I was thinking something similar so maybe I'll give it a try this week.

  3. Beautiful! I regret waiting for that skirt to go on sale because once it did it was sold out in my size. Total bummer! LOVE how you're wearing it here!

  4. The sold out in my stores in a few days, I found this one in a DC store. :)

  5. Love that skirt! Very classic and chic!



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