Lace Skirt and Riding Boots

I bought this skirt the weekend it came out in the fall, during the "Fall Preview Event" and today is my first day wearing it. Its a grey ponte knit fabric, with a very brown mauve lave overlay. I loved it the min I laid eyes on it. But its a tricky little thing to match up with stuff, although I do have another outfit in mind for it.

Today, with with purple and oatmeal and brown. Sounds odd, but when its laid all out together, I think it come out ok :)

Again, these are the prices on my receipt, not the prices that they are currently listed for sale for:

Shoulder Staddle Cardi  - Loft $12.50
Oatmeal Tank - Loft $7.50
Lace Overlay Skirt $48
Boots, Chadwicks - $35

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