Hunger Games Nail Polish Line!

Have any of you read The Hunger Games series? I really, really enjoyed the first book of the series, which is going to be a movie this Spring.  (Trailer below, if interested)  Anyways, I had heard there was going to be line of nail polish out for the film, and I wondered what colors a YA novel about a gritty dystopian future society would inspire. Well, here they are! And I really like these. I can see a good number of the top and bottom rows ending up in my collection!

Foie Gras I must have. For any fans of the series, "Effie Trinket" is the face of the line. Brilliant! What do you think of these colors!

(this is not a sponsored post LOL, I just think this was a neat idea). Here is a full article about the line. Hunger Games Nail Polish


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  1. I love the Hunger Games Series!! So excited to go see the movie!!


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