Fall Felines

I have been loving all the animal prints out this fall and early winter. I am eyeballing some calfhair cheetah pumps to add to the "collection".  SO I have been in hiatus for about a year with the weight loss, and move ete etc. But I feel like I am in a good place to pop back up. I see many of my fave gals have moved on, and I need replacement reading! If you have a blog, let me know so I can add you - or any must follow women, shoot me their way. :)

Well, on to the clothes! As I have changed from in-office to in-home work, my wardrobe has been transitioning a bit - more Loft than Tal's - though Tal's still holds an important place in my heart. 

 The sweater is one of those back zip babies, which fit great for petites. This is a regular skirt, not petite, I couldn't find this in petite anywhere by the time I realised I needed it, but it fits well as misses. I have been shopping alot on 40% off and $25 off $50 coupons, so my purchase pricing will be effected by that.

This corduroy is so great for the season, esp with boots. I had a hard time finding one I really liked, so many were short this season. Which was kind of odd, considering most skirts were pencil, and longer lengths. (Thank goodness, remember last year, when everything was minis??!?!)

These are the prices from the receipt, not the prices they are currently listed for online and in stores. :)
Corduroy Skirt - Loft -  $17.50
Back Zip Sweater - Loft $12.50
Lurex Scarf - Loft - $20.50
Boots from Last Year -  Chadwicks $39


  1. Hi Bianca - I've been reading your posts as they pop up on my Google Reader.

    I'm short and it makes shopping a living hell for me! I work at home so it's always Levi's of one style or another. Usually 512 slimming waist in a dark wash with a simple top or sweater. I always dress for work though - never sweats or pjs.

    I'm loving the link to the D&B pocketbooks and think I found one of the Dillon Satchels that I can't let get away. Not for that price!

  2. Love the Loftskirt; I bought it on clearance a few days ago and was wondering how I might style it. I don't have boots thought I have been looking. Per the Macy's flyer that starts tomorrow, there are some great options on sale so I think I'll be trying to get some tomorrow

    Glad you are back to posting. I missed your blog as a fellow Loft lover.

  3. So good to see you posting again!! I've moved to work at home too and honestly there are some days that I don't quite make it out of my PJ's! (Blush.....did I just say that outloud?) Lol Totally love this outfit though....and those prices?!! I am soooo jealous ;)

  4. Nancy - THank you for reading! Shopping can be rough, I know. I am going to have to check out the Levis 512 -I usually wear the Talbots jeans. And some of those Satches are gorgeous!!

    Nisha98 - Thanks for sticking with me! This skirt is def made for boots, but I can see it with tights and pumps too!

    Callandra - thank you for sticking with me also! I admit its harder for me that I would like to say to get into clothes every single day LOL!


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