2011 Was the Year of the Movie for Me

My Harry Potter viewing outfit from this summer - I dressed for Gryffindor for the final outfit - even though I feel more kinship with my Ravenclaw girls. (LOL, nerd talk over)

I was reading some articles earlier, and it said the average # of movies a person sees in a year (in a theatre) is 6 - I saw 14 - and maybe it will be 15 after tomorrow - might go see Ghost Protocol. I love going to a theatre and sitting in the darkness, with popcorn watching a movie on the big screen. And yes, sometimes I dress "up" for the movie XD

And I don't really see the movies marketed overtly to women, no Friends with Benefits or Bridesmaids here. I like the summer blockbusters with action, and explosions, and heroes. Oh, the heroes. :) There were some really fun ones this year, and I am even more excited about the next!

Here is my list if you are curious:

The Adjustment Bureau
Red Riding Hood
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
X-men First Class
Green Lantern
Tranformers, the Dark of the Moon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Captain America, the First Avenger
Cowboys and Aliens
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
The Muppets
Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows


Guess I have been in a sequiney mood this holiday season. I found a few sequined items I really liked this year, so..... :)

Sequin Tank - Talbots
Denim Skirt - Talbots
Flyaway Cardigan - Loft

As always, thanks for reading!! :)

Talbots Red Hanger Sale

Hello all my Talbots fan-atics!

The Red Hanger sale started yesterday to the thrill and frustration of the Talbot's shoppers out there.

As you know, Tal's has had the 40/50/60 deal going on for a few weeks, and if you took advantage of the 60% off,  you may have ended up with some slightly better prices than the current red hanger. But if you missed it, the Red Hanger will end up working out just fine for you. Also, there are some new pieces in the sale section, that were not there during the 40/50/60 - they are marked down VERY nicely for a first round.

Anyways, in case you are shopping the sale, here are some items I have picked up over the last couple of weeks, with some notes / reviews for fun. :) And don't forget, just because an item is gone online, doesn't mean its gone from stores. I have some good luck asking the "Wizards" on the FB page to do a store search for me - or you can do a store search on your own from the site. I have good luck finding items in stock in Dallas, TX and Boston, MA (50 mile radius). Best of luck ladies!!

Abstract jacquard skirt - the web image of this skirt does it no justice. Its silvery and black, and not sateen looking as the pic might imply. Its actually, a very substantial wool bend that lays beautifully. A very pleasant surprise, since I wasn't sure what to expect from the photo. 

Skyla Leopard Pumps - I had some reservations about buying pump with a fabric upper. I almost always do leather, and thought this might looks a bit "prom" or "wedding" satiny. It does not. Its really a beautiful shoe, and I love the height. Great fit on the narrow

Talbots Grace Fit Cord Jacket - Okay, you need this jacket. If you wear jackets, this is a must have. I bought it in two colors, and if they had others in my size, I would get them. It fits like a dream. I wore this "Cabernet" out shopping, so I saw myself getting in and out of it (alot LOL) and it looked wonderful - that's when I went back and got the brown as well. I would not however, recommend the evergreen color without seeing it person, its very brown, and kind of an odd color. 

Mixed Stitch Cardi - this is super cute IRL, an I bought it in two colors. It fits much more like the plus size images they have on the site. I am not sure how much use one gets out of such a heavy cardi with short sleeves, but I saw a few Tal's employees wearing this over the past week - most had a long sleeve tee underneath. 

Presa Bow Platforms -  I had been eyeing these since summer, never grabbed them, but for the price on sale, I couldn't resist. Great fit (I wear narrow shoes) as always. 

Gidget Haircalf Ballet Flats When I bought these the other day, I paid $15 for them. I will preface with that. They are a gorgeous calf hair ballet shoe, and I love them. But $60 is a little steep, IMO. I would wait til they are the in $40 price range, if you really love them. Great fit (again, narrow) and adorable, but just a simple little ballet flat, not much substance to them. 

Signature fit Black Rinse Slim Trouser - These are a denim trouser, and the first jean from Talbots I can tuck into a boot. Great weight and fit. 

Sweater Jacket - This one is super cute and warm. The petite hit me perfectly on the hip. Not as soft as some of the other sweaters this season, but super cute open or closed. 

Zebra Turnlock Satchel - This is a really neat Calf hair bag in a zebra print.  I wore this out shopping and to dinner, and got sooo many compliments on it! Just something a little funky and fun. 

Lace Tee - Merry Christmas Everyone!

I haven't been as big on the lace trend as some, and only have a couple of items. I do like this top, I think its pretty cute, and goes well with this Target cardigan. Hoping to hit some great after Xmas sales to add to the wardrobe - its in dire need :)

Lace tee - Loft $16
Cardigan - Target $25
Skirt - Loft
Boots - Sam and Libby

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays and as always, thanks for reading! :)

Casual Striped Cardi

One of my fave casual outfits, I got this sweater earlier this year, and used a $25 off $50 on it - no further promo, that's how much I wanted it XD

Maybe not the best pics of it, but its sooo cute and comfy.

Striped Cardi - Loft $35
Jeans - Talbots $20
Boots - Talbots $39

Talbots Buy More, Save More on Sale/Clearance online and in stores

Buy More, Save More offer valid now through 11:59 P.M. ET 12/27/11 online, by phone and in stores. Offer valid on sale items only. Excludes full-priced merchandise. Discount will be applied at checkout. No promo code needed. Free shipping on orders over $100 is auto applied in the cart as well. 

Also, quick tip - if you were one of the people who tried to order over the Thanksgiving holiday, and got the 40% off coupon, it stacked for me. So I bought my things, for 60% off, then 40% off that. IDK if it will "stick", but I got my order confirmation as that lower price. 

Hunger Games Nail Polish Line!

Have any of you read The Hunger Games series? I really, really enjoyed the first book of the series, which is going to be a movie this Spring.  (Trailer below, if interested)  Anyways, I had heard there was going to be line of nail polish out for the film, and I wondered what colors a YA novel about a gritty dystopian future society would inspire. Well, here they are! And I really like these. I can see a good number of the top and bottom rows ending up in my collection!

Foie Gras I must have. For any fans of the series, "Effie Trinket" is the face of the line. Brilliant! What do you think of these colors!

(this is not a sponsored post LOL, I just think this was a neat idea). Here is a full article about the line. Hunger Games Nail Polish


Pretty Basic

So, this is pretty basic. A Loft dress, some tights and boots. I have really been digging the knit dresses they put out this fall/winter. Very comfy and flattering. A bit of a heavier knit, keeping it from being too clingy AND they retain their shape - no weird baggy spots.

I bought this during one of those $15, $25, $35 deals they had earlier this season. Honestly, I just wish they would price their items properly, and drop all these continuous and weird specials. This dress should cost about $45 full price, and then drop on clearance. The original price on this bad boy was $89 dollars. Who bought this dress for $89? Hopefully no one. I have other complaints such as unlined jackets and "loosely" hemmed pants. All totally ok at the right price point. $100 items made of cotton/rayon/poly blends isn't it.

Striped Short Sleeve Sweater Dress - $35 Loft

Sequin Tee for EveryDay Wear

For some reason, sequins always remind me of Gigi, :) And sometimes Patina, who i don't think blogs anymore, correct me if I am wrong.


This more more loft loving, though the skirt is quite a bit older, I think its from Spring 11 maybe? Could be older. Matched the tee pretty well though! :) The sequin tee and the cardigan are both in Loft stores now still. :)

Hope you guys are having a great week, and as always, thank you for reading!

12 Days of Dooney - Getaway Gifts and Resort Wear

Getaway Gifts - Cute Totes and other misc items

Sooo cute and only $99

12 Days of Dooney - Stocking Stuffers

My guess for today was watches, but they went with the little stocking sized gifts (including watches) instead :)

Lace Skirt and Riding Boots

I bought this skirt the weekend it came out in the fall, during the "Fall Preview Event" and today is my first day wearing it. Its a grey ponte knit fabric, with a very brown mauve lave overlay. I loved it the min I laid eyes on it. But its a tricky little thing to match up with stuff, although I do have another outfit in mind for it.

Today, with with purple and oatmeal and brown. Sounds odd, but when its laid all out together, I think it come out ok :)

Again, these are the prices on my receipt, not the prices that they are currently listed for sale for:

Shoulder Staddle Cardi  - Loft $12.50
Oatmeal Tank - Loft $7.50
Lace Overlay Skirt $48
Boots, Chadwicks - $35

12 Days of Dooney - 40% off Sets.

12 Days of Dooney - Day 7 - Random Markdowns (LOL)

Same Shirt, New Shoes

This post  is for Nisha98 - She mentioned that she grabbed this skirt on clearance, but didn't have boots for it yet. So here is the skirt again, but with tights and pumps :)

I think you can totally wear this with booties as well. Have some fun with it.

Cowlneck Sweater - Loft $25
Skirt - Loft $17.50 (sold out)
Belt Loft - $9.99 (sold out)
Shoes - Target $20 (instore price)

Dooney Day 6: Selected Satchels 40% off!

Fall Felines

I have been loving all the animal prints out this fall and early winter. I am eyeballing some calfhair cheetah pumps to add to the "collection".  SO I have been in hiatus for about a year with the weight loss, and move ete etc. But I feel like I am in a good place to pop back up. I see many of my fave gals have moved on, and I need replacement reading! If you have a blog, let me know so I can add you - or any must follow women, shoot me their way. :)

Well, on to the clothes! As I have changed from in-office to in-home work, my wardrobe has been transitioning a bit - more Loft than Tal's - though Tal's still holds an important place in my heart. 

 The sweater is one of those back zip babies, which fit great for petites. This is a regular skirt, not petite, I couldn't find this in petite anywhere by the time I realised I needed it, but it fits well as misses. I have been shopping alot on 40% off and $25 off $50 coupons, so my purchase pricing will be effected by that.

This corduroy is so great for the season, esp with boots. I had a hard time finding one I really liked, so many were short this season. Which was kind of odd, considering most skirts were pencil, and longer lengths. (Thank goodness, remember last year, when everything was minis??!?!)

These are the prices from the receipt, not the prices they are currently listed for online and in stores. :)
Corduroy Skirt - Loft -  $17.50
Back Zip Sweater - Loft $12.50
Lurex Scarf - Loft - $20.50
Boots from Last Year -  Chadwicks $39

These are some pics left over from October. This dress is from Ross ($12), Belt from Talbots' ($15) Bag from Talbots ($30) and Shoes are Vince Camuto from Belk ($20) Necklace is Judith Ripka

I am standing next to a small group of Talbot's bags. Some things never change. O_O