Winter "Accessory" Shopping

So, I have been doing a little shopping for the Winter.

Working from home, I dont need that much stuff. I have a few things for the weeks I am called into the office, but overall, I haven't had a huge need to shop. I did need some things for winter, so here are a few goodies I have picked up.

Someone made a price mistake on this in my store, and I got it for $50.00 But its gorgeous in person.

Then I got a two pairs of shoes from Talbots when they were doing the 50% off accessories. I dont have these yet, so not sure "how" they are:

These Sidra Booties were $39.50

And these Sarina Pumps are for my company holiday party and were $42

I also bought some riding boots, that I have been wearing constantly:
Funny story, I saw these on, and thought I would look around for a better price. I found it at Pelz, but the photo on Pelz looked NOTHING like the photo on 6pm. I figured I would take a chance, and I am soooo happy I did. They look like the 6pm photo, and fit amazing.

If you need some riding boots with a slightly extended, but not wide calf size fit, these are great.

Okay, and I have been DROOLING over all these beautiful suede platform pumps that are so big this season, but I can't really justify spending $100-$200 on shoes I just wont wear that often, but I saw some pumps in Target that *look* like the ones I wanted. So, for the $20.00 markdown price, I grabbed them. And funnily enough, I have managed to wear them 3 times already. -__- GO figure. Thinking about going back for another color.

4.25 inch Platform Paisley Pump $20.00 ($25.00 online for some reason)

I do have a couple of outfits I picked up here and there, I will try and get them photographed and posted as i wear them. What have you guys been picking up?

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