Happy Thanksgiving - Outfit by Target

So, I know I don't usually love the clothes at Target. I buy things from there, and end up considering them "throwaway" stuff. But I reallly like these things I picked up recently.

Oh, and I guess this might be considered my "after". I have lost a total of about 40 lbs and I am going to just maintain this for while. Its been a month or so since I have hit this weight, and I plan to stay here for a bit before I start losing again. Hopefully I will have some more outfits to share with you coming up. :)

Sorry the lighting is so bad - I haven't quite found the proper place for pics in this new house.

Sweater - Target $25
Skirt - Target $18 (on sale in store)
Tank - Target $8
Shoes - Target $20 (on clearance in store)


  1. Bianca, you look amazing! Look at that itty bitty waist! Yowza!

  2. OMG! You look amazing and the outfit is totally cute on you! Look at that hourglass! I've had luck with some of the Merona dresses.

  3. Very cute outfit on you and congratulations on the weight loss. I am working on that myself at the moment!


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