Happy Thanksgiving - Outfit by Target

So, I know I don't usually love the clothes at Target. I buy things from there, and end up considering them "throwaway" stuff. But I reallly like these things I picked up recently.

Oh, and I guess this might be considered my "after". I have lost a total of about 40 lbs and I am going to just maintain this for while. Its been a month or so since I have hit this weight, and I plan to stay here for a bit before I start losing again. Hopefully I will have some more outfits to share with you coming up. :)

Sorry the lighting is so bad - I haven't quite found the proper place for pics in this new house.

Sweater - Target $25
Skirt - Target $18 (on sale in store)
Tank - Target $8
Shoes - Target $20 (on clearance in store)

Um.. Talbots $15 Knits

Every Tee / Knit (not sweater) on Talbots is $15 for Thanksgiving. It does not combine with F&F but shipping is free, and its triple classic points.

Regular, Sale and Outlet

So, I got 2 very practical sequin tanks, a grey draped cardi and a cypress blue draped cardi

A Major Award

OMG, I bought this the minute I saw it. Its one of the 24 hour tee sites so you have to get it today, Thankgiving, it goes away at 1AM EST Friday morning. Its like $13 shipped.

The tees are not Americal Apparel tees, but fit pretty close.

Winter "Accessory" Shopping

So, I have been doing a little shopping for the Winter.

Working from home, I dont need that much stuff. I have a few things for the weeks I am called into the office, but overall, I haven't had a huge need to shop. I did need some things for winter, so here are a few goodies I have picked up.

Someone made a price mistake on this in my store, and I got it for $50.00 But its gorgeous in person.

Then I got a two pairs of shoes from Talbots when they were doing the 50% off accessories. I dont have these yet, so not sure "how" they are:

These Sidra Booties were $39.50

And these Sarina Pumps are for my company holiday party and were $42

I also bought some riding boots, that I have been wearing constantly:
Funny story, I saw these on 6pm.com, and thought I would look around for a better price. I found it at Pelz, but the photo on Pelz looked NOTHING like the photo on 6pm. I figured I would take a chance, and I am soooo happy I did. They look like the 6pm photo, and fit amazing.

If you need some riding boots with a slightly extended, but not wide calf size fit, these are great.

Okay, and I have been DROOLING over all these beautiful suede platform pumps that are so big this season, but I can't really justify spending $100-$200 on shoes I just wont wear that often, but I saw some pumps in Target that *look* like the ones I wanted. So, for the $20.00 markdown price, I grabbed them. And funnily enough, I have managed to wear them 3 times already. -__- GO figure. Thinking about going back for another color.

4.25 inch Platform Paisley Pump $20.00 ($25.00 online for some reason)

I do have a couple of outfits I picked up here and there, I will try and get them photographed and posted as i wear them. What have you guys been picking up?

Scarf Video

Thought some of you may enjoy this. Its been around for quite some time, but with Fall in full force, its definitely relevant.