This and That (and Talbots)

Check out msvoluptuous over at she is also short and curvy. :-)

Fried of the blog, Kayla has been busy putting her little fingers to the grindstone and whipping up some super cute knitted confections. Check out her etsy shop My Sisters Other Closet for some lovely finds.

OMG - The Talbots Spring Stuff!!!! I am going through some major withdrawals because I am not buying clothes right now. There are some STUNNING pieces, and I almost crumbled for my skirt. But the size I was going to buy would already be too big, so I am glad I waited.

Also, they had a recent clearance sale, and I grabbed a couple of pairs of shoes ($15 and $13) and a $23 trenchcoat, which I am sure I will be showing off at some point :) Anyone buy anything recently from Tal's?


  1. I haven't bought anything since the Christmas final sale. There are some things I have my eye on. Namely shoes! And the skirts are just divine. A few of the dresses, too.

  2. I just did a post on some Talbots items that caught my eye.


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