This and That (and Talbots)

Check out msvoluptuous over at she is also short and curvy. :-)

Fried of the blog, Kayla has been busy putting her little fingers to the grindstone and whipping up some super cute knitted confections. Check out her etsy shop My Sisters Other Closet for some lovely finds.

OMG - The Talbots Spring Stuff!!!! I am going through some major withdrawals because I am not buying clothes right now. There are some STUNNING pieces, and I almost crumbled for my skirt. But the size I was going to buy would already be too big, so I am glad I waited.

Also, they had a recent clearance sale, and I grabbed a couple of pairs of shoes ($15 and $13) and a $23 trenchcoat, which I am sure I will be showing off at some point :) Anyone buy anything recently from Tal's?

oh hai

Hey guys! Miss me?

So I realize that I have been a bit remiss in our relationship. Haha. But I have good reason. I have been working out at the gym several times a week, and have lost 20 lbs in the past 10 weeks. What this means is that none of my clothes fit.

I have never really felt out of place in my body - never felt the urge to diet or lose weight, basically, I liked how I looked. But recently, I have noticed I am super out of shape, trouble going up and down stairs, walking with dd around the lake, etc. I also have a horrible family history littered with diabetes and high blood pressure. So, being that I am not getting any younger. (Hmpf) I decided I needed to get back into the gym - the weight loss is a side thing for me, the workouts being the most important.

I have kept a few things in smaller sizes from years past, but not that much, so I am kinda hodgepodging it together. And since I am still losing, I am not ready to invest in a new wardrobe.

So, I am going to try and pop in every now and again, but for now, we are going to call this a semi-hiatus. :-)

Here is a recent pic! Jacket tank and pants are all from the Loft.

Swimwear Winners

Sorry so long! Wanted to announce the two winners of the swimwear contest are Mamushi Love and Kathy Pease. Look for an emil from me you guys, and thanks for playing!!


Hi guys, I know i have been MIA for a couple of weeks, but I ended up doing back to back travel Dallas, TX and NYC for work, and then rolled right into my daughter's birthday! Its been hectic to say the least.

At any rate, I should be back on track soon with pictures, and our winners to the swimwear contest. Also wanted to wax poetic about the new Talbot's Spring catalog. In the meantime, please enjoy some cell phone photos of NYC LOL. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me! :-)

As seen on SNL....the elevator to the observation deck @ NBC

The view from my hotel room

Yes, a subway entrance LOL. I was a tourist!

The yummiest dessert place, Cafe Lalo - A scene from "you've got mail" was filmed here:

Om nom nom....