Happy February everyone!

Well, 2011 - already out of January! Where does the time go?

So, IDK why the tights look like such a different color in the images. They are the same brown as the boots IRL. They are "assets" brand from Target.

This jacket is from Talbots, last fall. Its one of my faves. The top is also from Talbots, from Feb09

Skirt was an oldie from Loft - one of the great clearance conquests.

Boots are the $12.99 pair from the Avenue. I have got quite a bit of use from these guys.

Hope everyone is doing well, and staying warm. Thank you for reading!!


  1. Oh yeeaaaah, I love this color on you. Super cute outfit :-)

  2. Great jacket! I have a similar jacket too. Love it with the brown print top.

  3. Hey girl. You look so pretty. I love that print.

  4. Cute outfit. Love the jacket and the top!

  5. This is such a cute outfit. That jacket is so nice. Love it.

  6. Hey,
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    All the best!

  7. Great mix of colors...I love brown and teal together! I wear the assests brand from target too, their my favorite!

  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the comments. :-D

  9. Bianca I love this outfit! You look so cute!


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