Valentines Day Outfit

For V-day, the hubster and I just went to our fave casual restaurant in town, nothing fancy. I thought I would go ahead and try to get another use out of this Loft skirt.

The denim top is from New York and Company, it was like $6. Black tee is from the loft, and Skirt is from the Loft. :-)

Review and Giveaway - Swimsuits for all

EDIT: Contest is now closed, winners will be drawn and notified tommorrow am. Thanks for playing!!

What is the prize?
The prize for this contest is a $50 gift card to Swimsuits for All. And I will have 2 prize winners this time!

Who is our sponsor?
Swimsuits for All, a swim company offering suits for sizes 8-34W

Some interesting categories I saw on their website include: Swimwear for long Torsos, Post-Mastectomy and Plus-size maternity!

From their website: Taking inspirations from sun, sand, and sea, offers swimwear and related apparel & accessories that work for women sizes 8 & up. strives to offer quality swimwear that will fit your unique body, style, and budget and fashionably flatter your next escape. is committed to making your online swimsuit shopping experience easy, so you can shop worry-free.

How do you enter?
Post to this giveaway thread! Be sure and leave your email addy, or pop back in next Thursday, February 24, 2011 for the drawing. The winner will selected at random by using the good old number randomizer at

My review:
I was allowed to chose any suit on the site, and while several caught my eye, I saw that Delta Burke had a collection available. Ok, so I cannot lie, I knew I would pick one of those because there was nothing I used to love better than watching the Sugarbaker sisters on Designing Women. One of my fave scenes is when Julia defended her sister Suzanne with the "Night the Lights went out in Georgia" speech in the "Beauty Contest" episode. Good times, good times.

Ok, so knowing that I was going to wear a Delta Burke suit narrowed it down for me right away, they have so many suits, that was the first big step. Next, "modesty" is a big issue for me and swimsuits. I have rather Victorian-esque sensibilities when it comes to clothing these days (LOL) so I knew I wanted something with shorts or a skirt. Now, I have never had a suit with a skirt (or skirtini), so I thought I would give that a try. So, I ended up selecting the Classic & Flattering Floral Fancy Halter Skirtini by Delta Burke to review for the blog.

I love the print on this swimsuit. Its similar to the print in the first photo above, dark blue, white and gold. The swim suit fits very nicely, is comfortable and true to size. Now I am just waiting for the summer months to come forth!

Happy Tuesday

Hi friends,

How is everyone doing? Good I hope. I have just spent the better part of my lunch catching up on some blog reading, and yet still more that 1,000 posts to read :-) I hope you'll all forgive me if I keep my commenting brief.

One of my fave blogs to read is Fast Food and Fast Fashion, authored by Elle. Her comments are funny and sweet, she seems just the kind of person you'd enjoy having as a friend. Be sure and check her out, if you don't already.

Today, I have on a lovely PINK cardigan from Talbot's. This is the "Charming Cardigan" which people often compare to a JCrew Jackie. I think they look a little like a Jackie, but the sleeves are looser on the Charming Cardi - which makes sense, I think the Charming Cardi has been one of Talbot's offerings since the store opened.

The top underneath the cardigan is a sweater LOL. I felt weird wearing a sweater with a sweater, but it was the right length, so there it is LOL. This is a sweater from the Loft and was about $9. Its from about 2-3 years ago. I bet a lot of you Loft shoppers have it too.

What else do I have on? Oh, this black and white skirt, has been seen many times before - I got this from New York And Company before they insisted that all skirts must remain at a 15 inch hemline. :-P So, a couple of years ago. I spent all of $5 on it.

As always, thank you so much for reading and commenting.

February Blues...

This is one of my favorite shirts, I got it from Talbots ages ago. I love the ruching in the bust, it gives lots of room for - er, well...the bust. :-)

You guys have seen this jacket a million times before, its one of my Loft faves. The skirt is a ponte knit pencil from Chadwicks. Tights are by Assets from Tarjay! :-)

As always, thank you for reading!!! :-)

Happy February everyone!

Well, 2011 - already out of January! Where does the time go?

So, IDK why the tights look like such a different color in the images. They are the same brown as the boots IRL. They are "assets" brand from Target.

This jacket is from Talbots, last fall. Its one of my faves. The top is also from Talbots, from Feb09

Skirt was an oldie from Loft - one of the great clearance conquests.

Boots are the $12.99 pair from the Avenue. I have got quite a bit of use from these guys.

Hope everyone is doing well, and staying warm. Thank you for reading!!