Macys Clothing and GIveaway Winner

Hey everyone, I had a question in the comments about Macy's and plus sizing. The Macy's I used to shop in Tampa has a large plus size section on the second floor. This department carried most of their store brands, such as Charter Club and INC as well as some other brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. And they carried 0X/ 12W! Which I love, its hard to find that size. Also, if you are an inbetween, many of their brands offer an 18 in misses sizes.

Confession: I have this weird thing with Macy's - when I feel like I have a lack of patterns in my closet, I go into Macy's and just grab some tops until I feel fully "patterned" again. Haha. They carry the best "non-solids"

At any rate, here are a few items from Macys I have featured on the blog.

1. This pattern blouse:

2. This Navy Linen Blouse

3.The floral top

And finally, our Macy's winner: FAWN!

Thanks for reading, and playing everyone! :-)

I have another giveaway coming up that is for ladies size 8 - 30. So stay tuned! :-)


  1. I do like patterns, but something about the second outfit pops for me..Is it the striped belt? The red handbag? I don't know, but it's great!

    Excited about the giveaway!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. Eeeee! I'm so excited! THANK YOU. :)

  3. For some reason I never feel like my outfit is complete unless there's a print in it did I miss this giveaway? Note to self - spend more time on the computer ;)

  4. I'm going to Macys today and when I get there I will be thinking of this post. Maybe I could use a little pattern in my life as well. I haven't shopped since December 26th.

  5. I love all these outfits, so pretty. I love your hair down, it looks great! What did you do different? It really looks Excellent! :00)

  6. Jen - hehe, idk, but I like that one alot too.

    Fawn - you are welcome!

    Callandra - I have to get better at wearing prints!

    Pretty - Good for you! Enjoy the shopping trip!

    Addicted - Thanks - haha, those are from before my recent hair cut. I had the same hair style since about 10th grade, so I was looking for a change ...hehe


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