Prices will be as marked online HURRY!! I was expecting 20% off, not 40%!!!!!

Things are going to FLY out the door!!

Talbots Sale


  1. miss Bianca, you are QUICK! I just got on to tell you I finally checked out(woo!unfortunately only two items are left in my cart so not a big splurge, thankfully?). I think it was only an additional 15% off the last price (because it was previously already add'l 25% off) but good enough! :) I am so excited.

  2. They are flying as we type. My Talbots package was in the mailbox today. The corduroy pants are perfect as is the jacket. Love the ruched turtleneck too.

    Pictures when I get the wrinkles steamed out and finally put them on again. Sale items come in a bag, not a box. The mail carrier was able to easily stuff jacket, pants and two tops in my regulation size mailbox.

    If I had waited I could have saved $7 on the jacket and $6 on the pants. I really wanted them so didn't take that chance in case I wasn't paying attention when the cuts came.

  3. Thanks, I'll check it out. I love my Kate black watch striped blazer that I scored on one of the 40% off flash sales. I want more!

  4. WOot! Elle, so glad to hear you were still able to get some goodies. If nothing else, its a good way to how the clothes fit! :-)

    Nell - That stuff goes fast once its marked down. Waiting for pics still! :-) hehe

    Gen - :-) I know, their jackets are real "winners" for me. Love the fit and the finish. :-)

  5. I sent you an email -- I think the code thingie stymied it. The sale is now 50% off PLUS free shipping and another 10% off using a code from facebook: 901274780 We won't see deals like this again until July.

    They still had corduroys, yay!

  6. Aww, thanks Nell, I was away and totally missed it :-/ I am so glad you were able to get some more of those pants. They were GREAT this year! :-)


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