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Hey everyone -

Its back to the cold weather basics for me! Sweaters and scarves seem to be my life these days. Hoping for the sun to come back soon.

I know everyone has been asked, but do you guys have any resolutions? I usually don't do resolutions, but I thought I would try it this year. So I came up with one. I plan to try and wean myself off regular soda. I drink ALOT of soda. Like 2-3 cokes a day, every day. So, my big resolution is to cut waaay back. Exciting no? :-P

Also - glad to see you guys signing up for the big $130 CSN giveaway! I was really excited about that one. I have a few other cool giveaways coming up, one starting later this week, in fact, so hope you like giveaways!

All items older and OOS
Sweater - Talbots
Pants - Talbots
Tee - Talbots
Shoes - Chadwicks
Scarf - Ahem, Talbots

As always, thank you for reading!


  1. Happy New Year. That cardigan is such a pretty color. It looks great with that scarf. Everytime I'm out thrifting and I see something with a Talbots tag on it, I think of you.

  2. Love the cardigan! And good luck weaning yourself off Coke! Do you drink tea/coffee? That can be a replacement for your caffeinated soda!

  3. If you looking for a caffeine fix I totally recommend tea!

    Love all the colors in the scarf :)

  4. Love all the aqua tones, it suits you really well. And I should probably cut down on my soda binge's out of control.

  5. Have you had problems with Talbots 100% cotton sweaters? I love them, but they seem to loose shape so quickly...

  6. Manecoarse - Aww LOL - Thats funny.

    Cynthia and Iris - Thank you! I do love tea, so that is helping.

    Elle - LOL! A kindred spirit then. I guess you feel my pain hehe.

    Ellen - I haven't had too many problems with the cotton sweaters, I do tend to wash and dry mine like t-shirts, and I think that helps. I have read that some of the ladies who dry clean, or hang dry have had some problems. Is there a particular style that is giving you trouble?

  7. Not really any particular style... I've just noticed they seem to loose their shape easily. I baby them, handwash and dry flat usually. Frustrating... I usually have very good luck with Talbots! I've noticed the same thing with some of their all cotton t's. I have probably just gotten used to stretch in everything!

  8. Yes, the lack of stretch makes it hard. Generally the 100% cotton cardi I have do better in the regular wash, but I am guessing you had problems with that and tried the handwashing instead.

    I will say i had all kinds of weird problems with retailers clothes this year. I think everyone is testing out cheaper factories, and sometimes it really shows! I have BARELY bought anything from the Loft this year, and that was my go to place up until recently. Also, I used to rarely return things at Talbots, but I had to return a few things this year for lack of quality! Well hopefully, with all the returns and extra stock the retailers learned what they needed!@ :-)

  9. I am loving the scarves esp this one. It's a great color!

  10. I adore that color and the scarf you're wearing with it: great look.
    Could I possibly ask you, is my new blog ( showing up now in your Google reader? I'm having such a tricky time with it :( Thanks!


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