Todays Clothes - My Red Washy Scarf

This was a had to have item :-)

I saw it in the store over the Thanksgiving weekend, when I tried on this sweater also. I left with the sweater only, but thought about it a few times afterwards. Then I saw it on Patina and decided I had to have it! :-P I ended up buying it with a 40% promo coupon - it was a bounceback coupon they gave in-store shoppers over black Friday weekend.

Its 100% wool, but pretty soft for wool. Oh, today is an all Talbots day again. It's soo cold!! T's has had a nice balance of thinness and warmth in their sweaters this season.

Bistretch Pants - Talbots
Generic Shoes - Journeyz

As always, thank you for reading!!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous scarf, especially in a season of neutrals! That reminds me I have yet to wear a gorg Tal scarf from the summer sale that is actually a lightweight wool. Maybe tomorrow!!


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