Thursday - OOTD and Old Navy "Coat"

Hey friends, its getting chilly here, how about you?

I have seen quite a bit of buzz about a particular "coat" I happen to have. It is the Women's Ruffled Wool-Blend Coat from Old Navy. It appears to be $85! online. I purchased this coat for $45 during their "Coat Event" a month or so ago. I like this coat a lot, but I would not pay $85 for it. The fabric is somewhat thin, and all of the colors aside from the Charcoal (which is the one I ended up buying) reminded me more of felt instead of wool. This coat is great for weather that is about 45 - 60 degrees (F), but any colder, or a windy day is not idea for this coat. It opens a bit on the bottom, but I like that, I think its kinda cute. Anyways, in case you were thinking about it, I would say get it once it goes on special again. Well worth the $45 I spent.

On to the OOTD!

Red Rosette Sweater - Talbots $25 (on black friday)
Wide Leg Pants - Limited
Scarf - Gap
Shoes - Chadwicks

And here is the Old Navy jacket:


  1. That red is YOUR COLOR. And the contrast of that bold print on the scarf is divine. Wear more stuff like that! :)

    I don't really get the adoration of that coat; I guess it's more for places where the cold is very cold or biting. I tried it on months ago and realized it would never work in Chicago. But it is super cute!

  2. The coat is cute!! I really liked it online but have not seen it in person. Do you have any other old navy coats? I wonder how this compares (in terms of warmth) with other Old Navy coats?

    Oh, and your hair looks great and that scarf is beautiful - it really pops agains the red.

  3. The grey w/the scarf is nice. I like the plum/mulberry w/the grey, too. Toldja the hair is great ;-)

  4. hahaha, thanks for the comments about the hair.

    Kristen - Yeah, I grabbed it that day because it was so cheap and I liked it the the most out of the ones they offered. Works for me, and probably not for those Chi-town winds LOL!!

    Sarah - I don't have any other old Navy coats - It was on par with the coats I have seen from Target this year as well.

    Gigi - thanks! grey is one of my favorite colors! LOL

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