Talbot's Red Hanger Sale - Warning Long.

Talbot's red hanger sale has been on for a few days, and there is one main thing I really, really want.

And its terribly impractical.

Its red.

And velveteen.

And looks like Christmas.

But I want it anyway. And I keep telling myself I can wear it at least until Valentines Day? (::eyeroll::) It comes in other, more "practical" colors, but this red is so 'delicious' to my eye. IRL, its a little deeper than the photo looks....

I normally don't wear double breasted jackets, but the panel folds back and buttons down onto the lapels, making it not double breasted anymore. Like so:
(cool ninja pose)

It makes me want to launch into a Veruca Salt solo. I am mad at myself for not getting it before Christmas, but you know how that is.

....Maybe in the blue velveteen. That feels New Years-ish no?

Ok, ok, enough of my Cranberry Velveteen induced ramblings....there are some great items marked down to very good prices. Some must haves. Actually, I do have each of the following, so not just lip service there. :-)

1. The Scrunch neck Turtleneck. $15.79 - $29.99 depending on color
Yes, its "just" a turtleneck, BUT, the fabric is like a nice t-shirt - remember the nice tees Ann Taylor Loft used to make before the "sheer tissue-tee" explosion of 09? It's that kind of fabric. Lovely. It fits smoothly, and close to the body, but not too close. There are only a few of these online in Misses, Petite, Womens and Women's Petite, (in that lower price) but check local stores too. I do plan to grab an additional color or two in this one.

2. The Grace Fit Corduroy Jacket - $36.74 - $40.49
This little number has been around for some time. And I mostly ignored it because I already have jackets in the two colors that caught my eye. (Good girl) But, then I realized (convinced myself) I have very few jackets in neutral colors, and decided to get it in the rusty/brown color they call "Vicuna brown", which seems to be sold out, for the most part online. Hmm. Well, at any rate, its a great fitting jacket, and there are plenty of colors, some perfect for Spring! Lots of room in the bust. Huzzah. Oh, and of course, fully lined.

Apparently, I like my clothing plush, because we have lots of velveteen and corduroy in this segment. So, I know I just waxed poetic about the virtues of the red velveteen jacket. This one, however, is quite different. Something not visible in any of the photos on the site (I don't know why) is a neck strap that reminds me a bit of a moto jacket. It folds back and buttons down, if you do not like this feature, but I think they ought to have shown it buttoned up somewhere online! Oh, and another note, the colors of this are not as vivid as they appear online. That society blue is much more cornflower blue, and less deep IRL. I own it in Pewter, because as you may recall, I needed more neutral jackets in my life.

4. Signature Fit Corduroy Bootcut Pants, $39.74 (or cheaper for a few odd colors) Or Signature Fit Ankle Pants $25.47 (all colors)
These I have in black, and plan to return for a second pair in grey or tan or brown. I love cords because they are like jeans for work. They fit like jeans, but fall into that grey-ish business casual appropriate area. I have found that both the Heritage and Signature fit me fine, but I have to go up a size in the Signature. I find its a closer fit to the body than the Heritage.

So, I feel confident in assuming some of you have also been shopping the sale - what did you get?!!? I want to know. :-) Do you have any of the items on my list already? My inquiring mind wants to know!!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Love your picks, I have a cart full at Talbots right now but can't decide if I want to pull the trigger. I am kind of odd shaped so would be so disappointed if things don't fit since the nearest store is about 45 minutes away...from your experience, Bianca, do they further mark down merchandise? The items I am looking at are at about 60% off but lots of sizes left so I don't know if I should risk it.

  2. Elle, I am pretty sure that because there are still lots of sizes, they either will mark down again, or possibly have a short term percent-off on all sale items(likely 20-25%) but I am guessing that we might also start seeing the dreaded final sale pop up....which is why I am more hoping for the short term percent off, instead of hard markdowns.

    In the past, I have seen them go about a week to 10 days before the next markdowns, but after last year, all bets are off. I think they may have been deciding on a day-by-day basis what to do with the promos. I am hoping for sooner rather than later LOL!

  3. The red on that jacket is indeed beautiful and I like it with the lapels buttoned back! Go for it! Life is too short to deny yourself its little pleasures. Whoever said it was wrong to be a little self-indulgent? :)

  4. Thanks Bianca! That was really helpful, I'll definitely wait it out (I have been too shopping happy in the last year so it wouldn't be a real loss even if the items sell out!)

  5. Truthfully, I have that jacket in that gorgeous cranberry, and I am struggling to find things to wear it with. I may be returning it this weekend. But I am totally intrigued by the turtlenecks, thanks for the tip on those!

  6. I have the jacket in cranberry and absolutely love it. I really don't see Christmas as I look at it -- to me it just screams winter. This is my way of telling you to just go for it. I also notice in this post that we have a lot of the same items (with the exception of the turtleneck since I don't wear those).


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