Review - Ann Taylor Loft - Metallic Croc Pencil Skirt

Hey ladies, I first saw this skirt on Gigi a few days ago, and loved it! Of course, lets face it, Gi makes everything look great, so I wasn't sure what to expect IRL. They must have not sold this one in my store, because it was new to me, even though it was on sale. I rarely shop Loft online b/c of the outrageous shipping. But they had a special going on and free shipping too. So, I managed to get it in my hot little hands and here are my thoughts on the Ann Taylor Loft - Metallic Croc Pencil Skirt .

I bought the skirt on sale for $45, right now, its about $39 after the 40% off and free shipping online. (Code: HOLIDAY) I do not have a pic of this on me yet, as I literally just got it. :-) I did try it on and prance about a little.

This skirt is very shimmery, not shiny. Its antique gold overlaying a black background in a croc-esque pattern, but it doesn't look like a harsh gold and black combo. There is a black grosgrain ribbon flat at the waist.

This skirt has no stretch in it and is lined. So, if you are used to a certain size at the Loft with the forgiveness of a stretch fabric go up in size! I normally take a 16 in bottoms there, and a couple of skirts I own are 14. I needed the 18 in this for sure. It has a true pencil skirt fit, with a nice nip at the waist, out at the hip, and back in at the knee. Not as pronounced as the curvy/julie fit, but its there.

Speaking of the knee, this skirt is 22 inches in length, but it fits high at the waist. I purchased the **regular**, (not petite) and it clearly shows kneecap, grazing just the top quarter of my knee. I would not wear it without tights, but I prefer a bit of a longer length.

I will say, I have been hot and cold when it comes to the Loft lately, and this is one of the "hots" in my opinion. Fabric is nice, print is nice and it feels like a substantial item. So, if you are on the fence, I would suggest getting it at this price, plus you can always return if it you don't like it. :-)

Hope this helped and let me know if you have any questions.


  1. This sounds so interesting, can't wait to see it on you and see how you styled it. I love the shine and intrigued by the print in person.

  2. That's a beautiful skirt, so glad you bought it. I'm looking forward to seeing your IRL outfit and styling ideas. You know my pencil skirt issues *sobs*, but I'm happy for you.

  3. Ooooh, thanks for the review! I have been looking for some fun dressy pieces for Christmas. The price is right, let's hope the fit is too!

  4. It sounds really nice, can't wait to see a pic.

    I know what you mean about hot and cold on Loft. Since their changeover last fall, I have barely bought anything there when before it was the majority of my wardrobe (Julie pants aside). I think the quality of the fabrics went way down for many things.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Thanks guys! I will have pics soon I hope. :-/

    ITA Gen K!


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