Happy New Year!

Hello friends!

Today is New Year's Eve and I cannot believe its going to be 2011 tomorrow!! Crazy Talk!!

Yesterday I wore some of my new-ish goodies I have mentioned recently. I would like you to direct your attention downward.

These are the $12 Avenue boots I mentioned a week or so ago. Ok, ok, no one will mistake them for Ralph Lauren, but for $12, I have NO complaints. I have slightly wide calves, not thin enough for regular boots, and usually if I get wide calf boots, they are way too wide. The reviews on these seemed to indicate they were slightly wide, and yes! Perfection!

A note if you might look into this boot: Most of my shoes I own are medium, and several pairs are narrow. The website says these are wide width. I thought it wouldn't matter with a boot, and expected to just have lots of extra room in the foot - but there is not - it fits just a tiny bit bigger than a regular size shoe. So be aware if you do need a wide shoe, this boot is not a true wide width.

I am also wearing that Talbot's Corduroy jacket I mentioned yesterday in my Red Hanger Sale post. It fits so nicely. I really am considering the grey...idk, I always get multiples, then have every color when something new comes out. That's not fun at all. :-/

Rounding out this outfit is a t-neck from Newport News, a pretty Pashmina-type scarf I got for Xmas, and some Gap Skinny Curvy Jeans. I don't know what the GAP does to their jeans, but they are always soo soft. Like pajamas.

And for fun, a closer-up on the scarf:

Grace Fit Corduroy Jacket - Talbots
T-neck - Newport News
Jeans - GAP
Boots - Avenue
Bag - b. Makowsky
Scarf - Gift

Last my daughter, who makes a guest appearance every once in a while, would like to say hi.


  1. Love that corduroy jacket on you (hey, nothing wrong with multiples, I am guilty of the same thing). And you have a daughter?! I thought you and I couldn't have been more than a few years apart in age (you have terrific skin by the way)...I guess it's true what they say about petite women. :)

  2. I thought about getting the boots when I saw your sale post but, I decided against it since I had no idea with the wide with and everything what size I would be. Thanks for the input :) this outfit is so classic it's crazy!!

  3. Love the jacket; will love mine in the gray when it gets here next week. Petite jackets that are really petite, yay!

    Your daughter is precious. Cowl neck top -- one of my favs. Like her boots, too. My boots have all shipped now. I can hardly wait for them. Nine West boots at Shoe Woo for cheaper than Nine West sale just called out to me.

  4. Ok girl that outfit is awesome! Those boots are too cute. I cannot buy anymore boots...I seem to want them all.

    Your daughter is gorgeous. I remember seeing her pop up on another post of yours.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year's!!

  5. Happy New Year!

    Little B looks great. I love grey. I hear you on multiples. I always think it doesn't make since to do doubles or more because there is always something new around the corner. However, you can't beat something that looks great and something that you love & makes you feel good. I have no problem buying pants in multiples since they are harder to fit. When I find a goodie in that dept, I go for it.

  6. Oh, thank you for my Christmas present...an IRL pic (smile) Happy New Year. May your year be filled with love, happiness, health and prosperity. I love your outfit. The scarf and jacket are a perfect compliment to the boots. I can't wear them, due to my large calves. I buy multiples of anything that fits great and looks good on me and gives me that "you got it going on" vibe. I love Little B's outfit, too. She's growing up to be a beautiful young lady, just like her mom.

  7. Those boots are incredible!! And for $12? Holy crap!

    Have a very Happy New Year, Biance and thanks for being such an awesome blogger/reader!

  8. Love your choices - chic outfit but not too formal! I'd say, resist the gray if you can... this color suits you so well, I don't think the gray would be as good. Awesome boots, too!
    Struggling to be Stylish is now The English Organizer - would love to see you there.

  9. I keep coming back to this post - falling more in love with this corduroy jacket (must resist temptation...). Bianca, what size do you take in this? And how does it compare to what you usually order?

    I am like sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Talbots to just send out percentage off coupons...my cart is getting smaller everyday and I kind of feel like just checking out but I have waited forever for a coupon. :(

  10. Iris, I hope you check back with them, they have lots of coupons running on a regular basis!

    Nell - I hope you post it when you get it! :-)Thank you for the note on daughter

    Corie - Thanks girl! :-)

    GIgi - LOL, she and I wear a ton of grey hehe, and ITA about multiples in pants. Preach on!

    Patina :-P lol!! Thanks for the noe :-)

    Kyla - Thank you!

    English O - Yes! Congrats on the new site! I have you all set up in my reader, and am picking up lots of great tips.

    @Elle! :-)Lets see - in jackets specifically, I normally take a 14P in both Talbots. (And just for comparison's sake, I wear a 14P (very tight fit) 16P (close fight) at Ann Taylor Loft.)

    This particular jacket is also a 14P. ALSO - while not visible AT all online, and hard to see in my photo, but there is definitely a peplum cut to the jacket. If you like those - yay! :-) I love them, and was surprised to see it when I got the jacket at home.

    I know how ya feel about the items. Maybe go ahead and order, then hold onto them, if there is a good % reduction and your items/sizes are still there, you can re-order and return the higher priced ones. I am getting a feeling based on the mood on the Talbots FB page, its going to be a MADHOUSE when then next coupon goes up!!!! So, might be wise to grab any "must haves" now.

    Also, I think several of the items that got moved over to "clearance" from sale in the past day or so will be marked final sale when that coupon goes up.

    At any rate, happy shopping and can't wait to see if you end up pulling that trigger! :-)Sorry for the loooong book. hehe

  11. Hey, it's been a while Happy New Year!

  12. I LOVE your outfit! The scarf and jacket combo is so lovely.


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