First Day of Dooney...

Good until 11:59 Monday night, and a limit of 3 per person.

PS Using some of the links from last year, I have been able to see what a few upcoming days probably are:

Day 2: Deck The Halls with Dillen or Take a Holiday Safari:

Day 3: Naughty or Nice, Nylon at a Great Price

Day 4: Making a List and Checking It Twice ??

Day 5 – Tis the day for Totes – free lunch bag day with purchase of tote?? (image was of the lunch bag)

Day 6 – Joy to the World – Patterns and Calf Leather
Last year, this was free wristlet with certain bags

Day 7 – Home for the Holidays – Travel? Totes?

Day 9 – Stocking Stuffers - Wristlet Day (last year was $20 wristlets)

Day 8 – Holly Jolly – Red and Green? Lots of styles

Day 10 – Time for Joy (watches)

Day 11: Wallet Wonderland - (last yr was 50% off wallets)


  1. Hi, had to thank you, in an older post you reccomended a restaurant in Tampa La Terista; we went while visiting family and the food was excellent! I have family in Tampa, so I go often. I just absolutely so International Mall, its so pretty with all the outdoor restaurants, etc. DO you shop there?

  2. Oh, I am glad you guys enjoyed it! That is one of my fave spots. And I looove the International Mall! The only JCrew in town, and love the Coach store there, and the Nordstroms, and the MAC store! lol. I do miss Tampa quite a bit. :-(


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