Happy New Year!

Hello friends!

Today is New Year's Eve and I cannot believe its going to be 2011 tomorrow!! Crazy Talk!!

Yesterday I wore some of my new-ish goodies I have mentioned recently. I would like you to direct your attention downward.

These are the $12 Avenue boots I mentioned a week or so ago. Ok, ok, no one will mistake them for Ralph Lauren, but for $12, I have NO complaints. I have slightly wide calves, not thin enough for regular boots, and usually if I get wide calf boots, they are way too wide. The reviews on these seemed to indicate they were slightly wide, and yes! Perfection!

A note if you might look into this boot: Most of my shoes I own are medium, and several pairs are narrow. The website says these are wide width. I thought it wouldn't matter with a boot, and expected to just have lots of extra room in the foot - but there is not - it fits just a tiny bit bigger than a regular size shoe. So be aware if you do need a wide shoe, this boot is not a true wide width.

I am also wearing that Talbot's Corduroy jacket I mentioned yesterday in my Red Hanger Sale post. It fits so nicely. I really am considering the grey...idk, I always get multiples, then have every color when something new comes out. That's not fun at all. :-/

Rounding out this outfit is a t-neck from Newport News, a pretty Pashmina-type scarf I got for Xmas, and some Gap Skinny Curvy Jeans. I don't know what the GAP does to their jeans, but they are always soo soft. Like pajamas.

And for fun, a closer-up on the scarf:

Grace Fit Corduroy Jacket - Talbots
T-neck - Newport News
Jeans - GAP
Boots - Avenue
Bag - b. Makowsky
Scarf - Gift

Last my daughter, who makes a guest appearance every once in a while, would like to say hi.

Talbot's Red Hanger Sale - Warning Long.

Talbot's red hanger sale has been on for a few days, and there is one main thing I really, really want.

And its terribly impractical.

Its red.

And velveteen.

And looks like Christmas.

But I want it anyway. And I keep telling myself I can wear it at least until Valentines Day? (::eyeroll::) It comes in other, more "practical" colors, but this red is so 'delicious' to my eye. IRL, its a little deeper than the photo looks....

I normally don't wear double breasted jackets, but the panel folds back and buttons down onto the lapels, making it not double breasted anymore. Like so:
(cool ninja pose)

It makes me want to launch into a Veruca Salt solo. I am mad at myself for not getting it before Christmas, but you know how that is.

....Maybe in the blue velveteen. That feels New Years-ish no?

Ok, ok, enough of my Cranberry Velveteen induced ramblings....there are some great items marked down to very good prices. Some must haves. Actually, I do have each of the following, so not just lip service there. :-)

1. The Scrunch neck Turtleneck. $15.79 - $29.99 depending on color
Yes, its "just" a turtleneck, BUT, the fabric is like a nice t-shirt - remember the nice tees Ann Taylor Loft used to make before the "sheer tissue-tee" explosion of 09? It's that kind of fabric. Lovely. It fits smoothly, and close to the body, but not too close. There are only a few of these online in Misses, Petite, Womens and Women's Petite, (in that lower price) but check local stores too. I do plan to grab an additional color or two in this one.

2. The Grace Fit Corduroy Jacket - $36.74 - $40.49
This little number has been around for some time. And I mostly ignored it because I already have jackets in the two colors that caught my eye. (Good girl) But, then I realized (convinced myself) I have very few jackets in neutral colors, and decided to get it in the rusty/brown color they call "Vicuna brown", which seems to be sold out, for the most part online. Hmm. Well, at any rate, its a great fitting jacket, and there are plenty of colors, some perfect for Spring! Lots of room in the bust. Huzzah. Oh, and of course, fully lined.

Apparently, I like my clothing plush, because we have lots of velveteen and corduroy in this segment. So, I know I just waxed poetic about the virtues of the red velveteen jacket. This one, however, is quite different. Something not visible in any of the photos on the site (I don't know why) is a neck strap that reminds me a bit of a moto jacket. It folds back and buttons down, if you do not like this feature, but I think they ought to have shown it buttoned up somewhere online! Oh, and another note, the colors of this are not as vivid as they appear online. That society blue is much more cornflower blue, and less deep IRL. I own it in Pewter, because as you may recall, I needed more neutral jackets in my life.

4. Signature Fit Corduroy Bootcut Pants, $39.74 (or cheaper for a few odd colors) Or Signature Fit Ankle Pants $25.47 (all colors)
These I have in black, and plan to return for a second pair in grey or tan or brown. I love cords because they are like jeans for work. They fit like jeans, but fall into that grey-ish business casual appropriate area. I have found that both the Heritage and Signature fit me fine, but I have to go up a size in the Signature. I find its a closer fit to the body than the Heritage.

So, I feel confident in assuming some of you have also been shopping the sale - what did you get?!!? I want to know. :-) Do you have any of the items on my list already? My inquiring mind wants to know!!

As always, thanks for reading!

New Giveaway - CSN Stores

Edit: Thanks everyone, this post is closed, and I will choose a winner tonight!

What are you playing for?
A one-time use gift card for $130 for any of the CSN stores!

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What kinds of things can you get?
Check out
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How do you enter?
Post to this giveaway thread! Be sure and leave your email addy, or pop back in next Wednesday night (1.05.2011) for the drawing. Must be in US or Canada to win.

Merry Christmas!


Hey Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Christmas! We have had a little snow on and off, which was a nice mood setter. :-) We will be back to regularly scheduled programming soon, and I have a nice giveaway coming up from CSN stores. Talk to you guys soon!


Hey all,
I wanted to go ahead and post the winner of our ShopBop Contest!

It was post #46, "MissyBeez"

Missy, you should have have been contacted by ShopBop. Congrats and let me know when you have received the prize code!!

We are going to be starting the next giveaway - a CSN gift certificate this week, so stay tuned for that!


Wide Calf Boots on Sale Today Only Avenue $12-$15 boots!!

I was looking for some slightly wider calf boots (I just barely don't fit into regulars) and saw on the Frugal Fashion Frenzy blog, Case bought some from the Avenue. So, I mosey on over to the Avenue site, and lo and behold, they have exactly what I am looking for. And today, Monday only, they have 50% off regular prices - and I had a 50% off coupon code just waiting to be used.

So, I got these:

In the brown.

Regular price is $49.90, they are on sale today for $24.95, and i used coupon code JLE4472 for an additional 50% off that. So, before tax and shipping, they are $13. After tax and ship, its like $21 or something. I don't know how $50.00 boots will be in real life, but Case liked several pairs she picked up from there, so i think its worth it to try them out! I might go back and grab another pair!!

Casual Friday

Here is a basic casual Friday outfit I wore this week. Nothing fancy. It's been a navy and grey kind of week. They have a type of weather out here that they call "Winter Mix" which means snow, rain, ice, sleet over various periods of the day. The "variety" is fun, but its cold!! LOL

How are you guys (who still have upcoming gift giving winter holidays) coming along with holiday shopping?

Navy Tee - Martin and Osa (sad face)
Jeans - Talbots
Scarf - American Apparel

Reminder - don't forget to sign up for the ShopBop Gift Card giveaway! I will pull a winner tommorow night!

Also we will have another CSN giveaway popping up right after that one, so stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading!!

Today Only: Talbots 40% off Accessories

Use code PRESENT and get 40% off full price accessories at Talbots. Also, the red hanger sale has started, I love the sale, but I of course, will be waiting on 2nd markdown. There is a must have jacket for me, but its not too terribly practical, so....

12 Days of Dooney: Day 11 - Wallet Wonderland

Time for 12 Days of Dooney is Winding Down

Oh puns.

Ahem, 12 Days of Dooney is indeed slipping away like the sands through an hour glass. Todays special is select watches for $50 and $75. I like a few of them. No ToyWatch here, but for $50, I don't think it has to be. ;-)

12 Days of Dooney - Day 9: Stocking Stuffer $19.75

Todays Clothes - My Red Washy Scarf

This was a had to have item :-)

I saw it in the store over the Thanksgiving weekend, when I tried on this sweater also. I left with the sweater only, but thought about it a few times afterwards. Then I saw it on Patina and decided I had to have it! :-P I ended up buying it with a 40% promo coupon - it was a bounceback coupon they gave in-store shoppers over black Friday weekend.

Its 100% wool, but pretty soft for wool. Oh, today is an all Talbots day again. It's soo cold!! T's has had a nice balance of thinness and warmth in their sweaters this season.

Bistretch Pants - Talbots
Generic Shoes - Journeyz

As always, thank you for reading!!

12 Days of Dooney - Day Seven (Sunday): Home for the Holidays

12 Days of Dooney: Day Five and Laura Mercier Deal!

Also, Laura Mercier's 12 Days of Flawless (hehe) is winding down, and today is a "doozie". Grab this if you can. Any pieces you can't use can be regifted easily. The whole pile of goodies shown below is $50, you get 3 free deluxe samples and free shipping. (The Undercover is worth $35 alone.) I Lurve my LM products. Pretty much all I wear is LM, Korres and Mac. I think this one is gonna go fast.

Shopbop - $100 Giveaway and Holiday Spanx

Update: CONTEST CLOSED!!! - Will post winner shortly.

What are you playing for?
A gift card for $100 to spend at Shopbop.com!

Who is our sponsor?
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What kinds of things can you get?

Ok ladies, you can use the card for whatever you'd like, but here are a couple of suggestions from shopbop.

1. Spanx - Hold it together for all those upcoming holiday parties. (hehe, ok, thats my suggestion) Be sure to check out their great tights!

2. So Low - ok, after the eating, when you get home and tear off the Spanx, slide into some So Low Pants. So Low is a contemporary clothing line offering foldover pants, yoga pants, leggings, hoodies, dresses, and tops. Comfy, comfy!!

How do you enter?
Post to this giveaway thread! Be sure and leave your email addy, or pop back in for the drawing on Sunday, December 19th. This is open to US, Canada and International!

And check this out, if you are in the US -- with their super fast, free shipping, you can receive the prize on the 19th, order by the 21st, and have your item(s) in time for Christmas!!

12 Days of Dooney - Day Four: Making A List

Review - Ann Taylor Loft - Metallic Croc Pencil Skirt

Hey ladies, I first saw this skirt on Gigi a few days ago, and loved it! Of course, lets face it, Gi makes everything look great, so I wasn't sure what to expect IRL. They must have not sold this one in my store, because it was new to me, even though it was on sale. I rarely shop Loft online b/c of the outrageous shipping. But they had a special going on and free shipping too. So, I managed to get it in my hot little hands and here are my thoughts on the Ann Taylor Loft - Metallic Croc Pencil Skirt .

I bought the skirt on sale for $45, right now, its about $39 after the 40% off and free shipping online. (Code: HOLIDAY) I do not have a pic of this on me yet, as I literally just got it. :-) I did try it on and prance about a little.

This skirt is very shimmery, not shiny. Its antique gold overlaying a black background in a croc-esque pattern, but it doesn't look like a harsh gold and black combo. There is a black grosgrain ribbon flat at the waist.

This skirt has no stretch in it and is lined. So, if you are used to a certain size at the Loft with the forgiveness of a stretch fabric go up in size! I normally take a 16 in bottoms there, and a couple of skirts I own are 14. I needed the 18 in this for sure. It has a true pencil skirt fit, with a nice nip at the waist, out at the hip, and back in at the knee. Not as pronounced as the curvy/julie fit, but its there.

Speaking of the knee, this skirt is 22 inches in length, but it fits high at the waist. I purchased the **regular**, (not petite) and it clearly shows kneecap, grazing just the top quarter of my knee. I would not wear it without tights, but I prefer a bit of a longer length.

I will say, I have been hot and cold when it comes to the Loft lately, and this is one of the "hots" in my opinion. Fabric is nice, print is nice and it feels like a substantial item. So, if you are on the fence, I would suggest getting it at this price, plus you can always return if it you don't like it. :-)

Hope this helped and let me know if you have any questions.

First Day of Dooney...

Good until 11:59 Monday night, and a limit of 3 per person.

PS Using some of the links from last year, I have been able to see what a few upcoming days probably are:

Day 2: Deck The Halls with Dillen or Take a Holiday Safari:

Day 3: Naughty or Nice, Nylon at a Great Price

Day 4: Making a List and Checking It Twice ??

Day 5 – Tis the day for Totes – free lunch bag day with purchase of tote?? (image was of the lunch bag)

Day 6 – Joy to the World – Patterns and Calf Leather
Last year, this was free wristlet with certain bags

Day 7 – Home for the Holidays – Travel? Totes?

Day 9 – Stocking Stuffers - Wristlet Day (last year was $20 wristlets)

Day 8 – Holly Jolly – Red and Green? Lots of styles

Day 10 – Time for Joy (watches)

Day 11: Wallet Wonderland - (last yr was 50% off wallets)

Halfway to a Holiday Party

Halfway to a Holiday Party
Halfway to a Holiday Party by bchez featuring a pencil skirt

So, now I just need to figure out the other half......

Stuff on Sale!

Ok ladies, I have some great shopping notes for us.

Guess what is back next week? I am soo excited. Its the 12 Days of Dooney! Starts Monday. Last year, the prices were great. I can only hope that this year equals in epicness. This is an online blowout, with a few in-store locations participating. Over the course of 12 days, there are several "themed deals" and its a lot of fun to see what comes up each day. Perfect for linking to DH, or a great Xmas gifts!

Laura Mercier, one of my favorite cosmetic brands, is having "Twelve Days of Flawless" which is a new special each day. Today's sold out before I could post, but they have been amazing so far. I would recommend checking them out daily to see whats there! Here was today's deal, 8 full size products for $40!! To explain how good a deal that is, the Souffle Body Creme is normally $55/jar. Looks like new ones have been popping up around 4am EST:

Lastly, Talbot's is offering buy one, get one 50% off. I love this sale. Last year, I purchased 2 jackets, one velour and one corduroy, and apparently, I am a creature of habit as I did the same thing this year....

1. Grace Fit Velour Jacket in Pewter - there are some stunning colors in this one, particularly the society blue, but hubby really liked the Pewter in store.

2. Grace Fit Corduroy Jacket in Vicuna Brown - also lots of great juicy colors.

There is also free shipping at $125, but my two jackets did not qualify.

Friday - OOTD and Talbot's Jeans Review!!

Happy Friday!

I literally just woke up from a nap when I took these, so please ignore my "fresh face" LOL.

Today I have on a couple of new things that you might be interested in.

The first is the Pima Cotton V-Neck Sweater from Talbot's. This sweater appears to have several sale colors on sale online, but the new fall colors appear to be left "in store" only. The color I am wearing is Glaze Blue. Its a very pretty color, like a true blue topaz. This sweater "wears" very thin, but due to the cables is super warm. I purchased it for $25, it appears to be $59 in stores again for the new colors, but there are several colors on sale for $23

The second item is also from Talbot's. They sent me a pair of the Signature Fit Bootcut Pants in Black to review. I have a few notes on these jeans. The fabric of these jeans is very nice. Its substantial, but also very stretchy. I wore these jeans all day, and while they were very flexible, they also did not stretch out of shape at all. I personally had to go up a size in these. (I did not find this to be the case in the Heritage Fit). These also sit a little lower on the waist and are cut closer to the leg compared to the Heritage.

I would fully recommend these jeans to anyone who is looking for a nice premium pair of jeans - particularly us petites and plus / plus petites who just don't have a lot of options for "mature" premium jeans. I started wearing Talbot's jeans two years ago after disappointment with other plus petite options, and they just keep getting better! These jeans retail for $89, and I would buy these at full price with no qualms. (I know, shocking)

Thursday - OOTD and Old Navy "Coat"

Hey friends, its getting chilly here, how about you?

I have seen quite a bit of buzz about a particular "coat" I happen to have. It is the Women's Ruffled Wool-Blend Coat from Old Navy. It appears to be $85! online. I purchased this coat for $45 during their "Coat Event" a month or so ago. I like this coat a lot, but I would not pay $85 for it. The fabric is somewhat thin, and all of the colors aside from the Charcoal (which is the one I ended up buying) reminded me more of felt instead of wool. This coat is great for weather that is about 45 - 60 degrees (F), but any colder, or a windy day is not idea for this coat. It opens a bit on the bottom, but I like that, I think its kinda cute. Anyways, in case you were thinking about it, I would say get it once it goes on special again. Well worth the $45 I spent.

On to the OOTD!

Red Rosette Sweater - Talbots $25 (on black friday)
Wide Leg Pants - Limited
Scarf - Gap
Shoes - Chadwicks

And here is the Old Navy jacket: