Sweater Season

Starting to pull out all the sweaters! :-)

Black Sweater - Old Navy Clearance (about $11, if you like it - was in store recently)
Tee - Loft
Pants - Limited
Shoes - Amazon

Also, I am now a Preferred Blogger with CSN stores. This means more great giveaways for you guys from CSN Stores!! (you know, the one that carries everything from barstool to shoes.) Coming up, I will be doing a quick review and keep your eye open for some great giveaways!!


  1. Wow, that jacket looks way too sophisticated to come from Old Navy. Great find!

  2. Your sweater is very nice. I love the toggle closure.

  3. The toggle sweater looks great on ya ;-) I added your pic to my post that has a irl pic of it.

    You find *the* best bargains.

  4. I'm so mad that you got it on clearance!!

    But it looks so good on you.


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