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So, I am not going to lie, I was quite underwhelmed with this years Black Friday/Thanksgiving Weekend shopping. Anyone else feel that way? It seemed like many of the "deals" I picked up, after a quick "Shop Savvy" bar code scan**, I found it cheaper online ( most of the time LOL). I did work on actual Black Friday, but we went out a couple of times over the weekend. In addition to family shopping, I was keeping my eyes open for anything I might need....

I stopped by the Loft, this year they did 40% off the entire store, in the past they selected several new items and marked them way down in additional to some sort of a percent discount on the rest of the store- I kind of wish they had done that this year as well. I didn't see anything I wanted.

We ran by Target, and they had some nice, soft sweaters for $9.00, so I grabbed 2 - I don't have many sweaters - er - non-cardigan sweaters anyway. They are SUPER soft. I got one in Heather Brown and Heather Navy.

We also wandered into Talbots (of course) and they had some nice substantial cable knit sweaters for $25 each.

I got a turtleneck in "Red Rosette"

And a Vneck in a color called Glaze Blue, but I cannot seem to find the vneck on their site? Well, here is the color.

Thats pretty much it! What did you guys score? Tell me all about it!!

** Here are the Shop Savvy Applications:

Shop Savvy for ipad, iphone, itouch

Shop Savvy for Android


  1. Ok, since you were shopping, I will excuse your absence from the blogshpere (smile). I did pick up another washy floral scarf in red from Talbots (both promos used, thanks) and a ring from f21, since they were offering free shipping with no minimum...yay!!! Other than that nothing much for me. I did stock up some holidays goodies from Starbucks, like their holiday blend coffee, a couple of holiday mugs and their delicious cranberry bliss bars...yum.

    I really think the best is yet to come for me when the winter clearances take begin after Christmas.

  2. I love the glace blue color. I'm curious to see it irl and look forward to a pic of it. Let me know if you post one.

    I missed free shipping from F21 and was disappointed about that, but not ridiculously so. I think the best Black Friday deals were before T-day.

  3. Have to agree with everyone here. I think all of the deals were available before Friday and they were available before Friday too!!

  4. Haha Patina - thanks :-) I saw a red floral scarf in Talbots that I **LOVED** i bet its the one you got! What are the odds 75/25? hehe. And ITA about after Xmas sale. There is nothing better than those sales a couple of days before and a couple of days after Xmas. And a Cranberry Bliss Bar sounds DELICIOUS!!

    Gigi - I will post - i think I am going to wear it on Friday - we are having the mktg dept XMas lunch that day, and it feels festive. :0) Sorry to hear about the free shipping - F21 is notorious about not advertising their specials too well.

    Callandra - IDK what was going on this year?!!? Boo. LOL. Haha, oh well, like Miss Patina said, more $$ for after Xmas.


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