Happy Monday! How is the fall going for everyone so far? It it freezing yet? Here in NC we are back and forth, 66, then 49 etc. :-)

Sweater - Loft
Skirt - Speigel
Tank - Loft
Shoes (Franco Sarto)
Bag - HSN

So, I actually wore tights, but when I got home, I removed them and didn't feel like wrangling my way back into them for the shot.


  1. Very pretty outfit Bianca.

    We're having the same weather here. Right now though it's raining but still about 60 and humid. Maybe that's why I have this cold. The weather doesn't know what temp it wants to be.

  2. Hi, good to see you posting outfits. I love that color cardigan with your skirt...very pretty and I know it looked even nicer with tights. Oh, did you get the talbots 25%off and free shipping card??? i was thrilled to receive one, because I plan to pick up a coat and a few more of their silk scarves.

  3. Corie - I feel ya! :-)I hope you feel better soon. :-)

    Patina - YESS girl I was so happy. I just posted a code for one too. I am trying to decide what I need most. I think I would really like some black trousers, but I am kinda short on the sweaters. (ha!)

  4. Ha is right lol. Thanks for reminding me that I need some more trousers too. Happy shopping.

  5. I really love the shoes, esp the color.

  6. Love your mix of colors and that skirt is fabulous!!....(I know what you mean by "wrangling" back into your tights). I buy the assests brand and you should hear the grunting that goes on! Lol

  7. I love that skirt. It looks to be very versatile.


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