American Apparel Sizing Q...

Have any of you guys bought an American Apparel (womens or men's) tee? If so, how did it fit? The nerd in me really wants this teeshirt....


  1. No T...but I did purchase a body suit and I love the fit!

    They are just too darn expensive for me though.

    It is a cute T!

  2. Haven't bought a thing from them...I keep forgetting to check them out :(

  3. I once got a shirt made on an American Apparel tee and they definitely run small. I went up a size. I don't like the company at all, but I do like that shirt.

  4. Thanks girls, I didn't get one - I want to try the shirts first - I think I will need a men's tee.

    FJ - Yah - that company has serious issues, but they sell the blanks that screenprinting companies use these days. Almost any concert tee, or "fashion" printed tee like all the tees, are printed on them these days - even if they trade out the labels AA makes them. :-/

  5. Yeah, I agree they run small. The men's shirts do as well and they have really high collars so they look mannish :(


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