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So, I am not going to lie, I was quite underwhelmed with this years Black Friday/Thanksgiving Weekend shopping. Anyone else feel that way? It seemed like many of the "deals" I picked up, after a quick "Shop Savvy" bar code scan**, I found it cheaper online ( most of the time LOL). I did work on actual Black Friday, but we went out a couple of times over the weekend. In addition to family shopping, I was keeping my eyes open for anything I might need....

I stopped by the Loft, this year they did 40% off the entire store, in the past they selected several new items and marked them way down in additional to some sort of a percent discount on the rest of the store- I kind of wish they had done that this year as well. I didn't see anything I wanted.

We ran by Target, and they had some nice, soft sweaters for $9.00, so I grabbed 2 - I don't have many sweaters - er - non-cardigan sweaters anyway. They are SUPER soft. I got one in Heather Brown and Heather Navy.

We also wandered into Talbots (of course) and they had some nice substantial cable knit sweaters for $25 each.

I got a turtleneck in "Red Rosette"

And a Vneck in a color called Glaze Blue, but I cannot seem to find the vneck on their site? Well, here is the color.

Thats pretty much it! What did you guys score? Tell me all about it!!

** Here are the Shop Savvy Applications:

Shop Savvy for ipad, iphone, itouch

Shop Savvy for Android

Shopping Plans?

Anyone getting ready for the biggest shopping day of the YEAR? Shopping for others, or for self, or both? :-) Sadly, this year I will be working on National Shopping Day, but I will try and list a few things if I see them out there. :-( Have fun without me guys! LOL

A couple of our fav retails are starting early this year. Be sure and check em out!

Loft - 40% off entire store online with free shipping on orders of $125 or more. Code ENJOY at checkout. Starts now. I don't know if they are going to do like in previous years on Black Friday where there are items in store at really good low prices? The store manager said she still had no idea yet when I spoke with her yesterday. And she's usually pretty good about spilling the beans. :-)

Ann Taylor - 40% off entire store online and free shipping on orders of $150 or more. Code THANKS at checkout. Starts now.

Talbots - 50% off accessories. Tommorow from 9 am - noon and then 9pm to midnight in your own time zone. It now combinable with the 25% off. Sounds like on black Friday they have some specific items that will be heavily discounted, and coupons for 40% off a return trip when you buy in store, etc. I will post more details when I hear confirmation. Also, a cool drawing going on for $1,000 gift certificates.

Bath and Body Works has their BF deals up online now.

Today's Groupon: Pay $25 and get a $50 coupon at Nordstrom Rank

Hey guys,
Are you familiar with Groupon? I hope so! Basically, each day, there is a deal where you pay a certain amount, and then get a coupon for (usually) double the amount. Today, (you pay $25 and receive a Groupon for $50 that you use in-store at Nordstrom Rack!!

If its not the deal in your city, just switch it to Raleigh

Check out today's Groupon!! (That is my kickback link.)

Holiday Inspired?

Hubby said I looked like the holidays in this outfit. IDK what that means, but here it is! Maybe I should have saved it for Thanksgiving week. I love, love this jacket - got it at the Loft, some people loved it and some hated it. It was one of those things. :-)

Skirt - Speigel
Blouse - Macys
Tee -Loft
Jacket - Loft

Here is a close up of the jacket - I got super hot so I took off the blouse LOL

Sweater Season

Starting to pull out all the sweaters! :-)

Black Sweater - Old Navy Clearance (about $11, if you like it - was in store recently)
Tee - Loft
Pants - Limited
Shoes - Amazon

Also, I am now a Preferred Blogger with CSN stores. This means more great giveaways for you guys from CSN Stores!! (you know, the one that carries everything from barstool to shoes.) Coming up, I will be doing a quick review and keep your eye open for some great giveaways!!

Talbots Coupon

Hey all, I got some lovely (awesome) Talbot's coupons in the mail today. As soon as I get the email, I will post the in-store coupon too.

Coupon good for 25% off and free shipping. Double Points for Classic Awards. November 18 - November 29.
Code: 028233130


Happy Monday! How is the fall going for everyone so far? It it freezing yet? Here in NC we are back and forth, 66, then 49 etc. :-)

Sweater - Loft
Skirt - Speigel
Tank - Loft
Shoes (Franco Sarto)
Bag - HSN

So, I actually wore tights, but when I got home, I removed them and didn't feel like wrangling my way back into them for the shot.

AT / AT Loft Friends and Family stats Tuesday

It gets hard to get super excited about a FF when this is a common discount at the Loft - BUT there are still lots of great sweaters and fall/winter choices there, so give them a peek. Starts Tuesday.

Click here for a printable coupon.

American Apparel Sizing Q...

Have any of you guys bought an American Apparel (womens or men's) tee? If so, how did it fit? The nerd in me really wants this teeshirt....

Fall is in the house

Hey everyone - the chill is in the air! :-) How is everyone doing?

Did anyone pick up one of those $25 Talbots Cashmere sweaters the Todays Show had on? I have a Cashmere allergy (FAIL), so am not disappointed that I missed the online deal. They say there are still some in stores, so it may be worth a call if you like a nice v-neck cashmere sweater!

There are some lovely things in the newest Talbots catalog - and I am sooo glad to have a fall season to enjoy them in! :-) With an eye towards the blustery fall days, I am thinking of nice, warm clothes to bundle up in!

This Boucle Sheath Dress seems pretty basic, but I love black and white. I think the addition of the boucle texture to the sheath dress silhouette is lovely.

On this Cable Twist Cardigan, I love the cable detail that is right at the waist. Its not pictured here well, but at the waist there is this great twist detail. The red color is great, and I like the button treatment on it, not a cheap looking button here. This one is a cashmere blend, so I will have to leave it behind, but its one of my fave things in the new catalog. (Its the little things)

Lastly, my fave new item is the No-close Cable cardigan. I have the spring, short sleeved version of these from days past, and I love them. I plan to add one of these cosy looking sweaters to my own closet. Oh, and I love pockets.

And now, back to me. (My apologies to the Old Spice man)

This is one of the other shirts I got at that great Loft sale, if you can find it in stores still, its probably $7-$8. Its got one of thost banded hems, which I am never really sure of, but I like the details in the front. Which I neglected to photograph. :-/ I grabbed it for $10. Cardi and Pants by Talbots. :-) Shoes from ?

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start.