Tuesday - Loft Specials :-)

I bought this top on Sunday when it was $17 - it is now $15 - and that $2 *almost* bothers me - lol. Loft has a whole lot of good stuff on sale right now. My biggest problem when I went shopping this weekend was the color selection. Lots of puce in store. I know exactly two people that look good in puce - Kari and Debye.

One of the many things I love about Talbot's (LOL) is the color selection. Most of the colors look great on my skin tone. I have a much harder time at JCrew - seems like the color selection is often developed for alabaster or very deep skin tones..and Loft is hit or miss - I think they just go with the trends. Anyways, navy always looks good. :-)

Sequin Bib Top - Loft
Khaki Jacket - Loft
Pants - Talbots
Shoes -Talbots

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  1. That's so funny that the $2 bothers you (it would me too, that's why I'm laughing)! The outfit looks great on you though, and I really like the special detail around the neckline of the top. The shoes are a nice mix to the color pallette too.

  2. The $2 different would have bothered me too...but I think it's less about the amount and more about the fact that I couldn't resist long enough for the price to fall further. In any case, I love that LOFT bib top on you. Navy looks great on you!

  3. I hate when I buy something and the next day or so it goes on sale. Bothers me to no end! The top is cute, I am trying to stay as far away from Loft as I can otherwise I would go get it.

  4. Great buys!!!! Two bucks diffrence - I think you still got a great deal!!!.

  5. Unrelated: I just dropped you an email.

  6. If this is the type of sale they're having now, can you imagine what deals we'll see as we get into the holiday season. Oh, I can't wait.

    The tee looks great with the jacket. Me? I probably would have tried to get a credit for the $2 lol.

  7. OMG you girls - you would laugh at me tearing my hair out now with the extra 30% out LOL! (only kidding, but it is a little funny that a few days make the difference between $100 spend and $70 spend) ah well.

    Girl - thank you! I checked it out, and it looks great! :-)

  8. That sequin bib top looks great on you. I didn't like it so much on me, but still liked the sparkle aspect of course. Loft and their sales. It's hard to know when to swipe one's card there.

  9. I love that shirt! It's so simple yet, elegant :)


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