Monday in Argyle

Hello all, and happy Monday. Over the weekend, I popped into the Old Navy, and picked ups some stuff for DD, but managed to find a thing or two for myself. For some reason, this lovely oversized grandpa cardigan was only $10. It was sooo warm. I wish I'd bought another one just for lounging around the house. And umm, I guess its $25 online now?

I think a bunch of you have this tweed skirt from Talbots, it was pretty popular this summer, came in yellow, pink and green - maybe blue too? At any rate, I am a huge fan.

Also, this necklace marks my first (and therefore oldest)"casual" piece of Judith Ripka jewelry I bought, The first items were for my wedding, but this I bought just for fun. Yay.

Argyle Cardigan - Old Navy
Yellow Tweed Skirt - Talbots
White Tee - Target
Shoes - Gretta via 6pm
Pendant and Chain - Judith Ripka -"Q-line" via QVC

As always thanks for reading!!


  1. Cuteness! I like the cardi w/the bright skirt.

  2. Yeah, another OOTD. I love your argyle cardigan. I have a gray one with yellow stitching that I just can't figure out. I like how you played up the yellow with the skirt. Since I'm not a pencil skirt person, maybe i can get a honey colored pair of cords to go with mine. Great outfit, and i can't believe it was only $10!!! Great price.

  3. You gotta love Judith Ripka. I have this enhancer too and seeing it on you reminds me I should definitely wear it more often. ;)

  4. So cute. I love the color of that skirt. I need one just like it in my wardrobe. :)

  5. I so love that sweater, I tried to buy it myself but they were sold out of short sizes! Love your outfit though, so cute!

  6. Gi - thank you!!

    Patina - Thank you! And omg I love cords!!! Talbots has some super cute ones right now 0 I got them in black, and am thinking about grey.

    When Life -Loves me some Judy. :-)

    ManeCourse - Thank you! I think you should make one :-)

    Callandra - Awww - thats too bad. Its huge, so I can see why you passed! :-)


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