Halfway there ya'll

Happy Hump Day!

Today was one of those days where I couldn't seem to get anything right. Numbers weren't adding up on my reports, a big project I am working on is slowing to a grind, etc etc. Ah well. If those are my biggest complaints, who can complain?

For some reason, I missed yesterday, so today there are two. :-)

Sweater - Talbots
Blouse - Loft
Skirt - Chadwicks
Shoes - Chadwicks

Jacket - Loft
Blouse - Talbots (one of the $15 tops from end of summer final sale)
Pants - Target
Shoes -Franco Sarto via Amazon.com

PS. I will post some vacation pics this week! :-)


  1. I love you in green!! It's a beautiful color and works great with your floral top, which I also love. When I have days like you're having, I always say, "if it's not one thing, it's your mother in law" lol. It always makes me smile. Robin Williams said it in one of his movies....Mrs. Doubtfire, maybe??? Now that i made you smile, go forth and conquer!!!

  2. I love that top with the green cardigan, and those wide-leg pants look so good on you.

  3. Check out my most recent Talbots purchase! Thanks for all the inspiration!!


  4. You wore money green ;-). I love the print on the top underneath that cardi.

  5. Haha... Thanks Patina - that worked perfectly!!

    Manecourse - Aww thanks. And oddly I am not a huge fan of pants!

    Natalie - Oh that skirt is super cute! I love it. So versatile!!

    Gi - I did :-) THanks! :-)

  6. It's hard to get back into the grind after taking a vacation!

    Bianca, that first picture with the green cardigan is all-out beautiful. I LOVE the colors of both tops together & on you!

  7. That khaki jacket is fantastic, and you look great in it. I'm always looking for belted jackets because they really do flatter my plus-size figure. I'm going to have to add this (or something similar) to my wish list!

  8. Great outfits! I love the bright sweater with the floral top. The soft blue is so pretty and I really like that khaki jacket.


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