A couple of outfits

Wow! We got fall in a hurry this week. It got super rainy and chilly - I guess its this way through most of the east coast. Stay dry out there!

I have a new giveaway starting on Tuesday! Stay tuned. :-)

Oh and please ignore the "goodwill bag" that was so unceremoniously dumped on the landing there.

Jacket, Skirt and Shoes - Loft
Top - Target

Tee, Scarf, Pants - Talbots
Sweater and Shoes - Loft


  1. I love the jacket from the first photo, totally perfect for fall!

  2. I really like the pink and green together one of my favorite color combinations!

  3. Great looks I will need to copy.

  4. I totally love that jacket. You have like this enormous collection of jackets don't you?

  5. Love the pink and green combo with your pencil skirt. I think fall is finally here in my neck of the woods so I need to dig out my jackets and fall/winter clothing. This usually ends up with me bagging up some things for charity as well. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  6. Autumn really did come fast! Yesterday it was raining all day. I woke up this morning and my boyfriend had turned the heat on because he was so cold. Just a few days ago I was in t-shirts!

    Also, I'm a few chapters into Oryx and Crake, which I think you recommended to me a few months ago. I'm so glad you did! It is very good! (I think it was you, every time I saw the book I thought of you, but I can't find a comment or email or anything about it so maybe I'm dreaming?)

  7. You honestly have an amazing collection of jackets. I love that striped scarf, too. So cute!


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