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Haha, ok, I don't think thats the right lingo - but I have joined the Twitter, and I would love some friends. Its lonely up in there. Its not a shortandcurvy twitter, but just a personal one so it will probably be about shopping (fun) , android (obsession) and marketing (work), maybe some reading in between.

Come join me if you'd like!

I'd love to follow you too. :-)

Tuesday - Loft Specials :-)

I bought this top on Sunday when it was $17 - it is now $15 - and that $2 *almost* bothers me - lol. Loft has a whole lot of good stuff on sale right now. My biggest problem when I went shopping this weekend was the color selection. Lots of puce in store. I know exactly two people that look good in puce - Kari and Debye.

One of the many things I love about Talbot's (LOL) is the color selection. Most of the colors look great on my skin tone. I have a much harder time at JCrew - seems like the color selection is often developed for alabaster or very deep skin tones..and Loft is hit or miss - I think they just go with the trends. Anyways, navy always looks good. :-)

Sequin Bib Top - Loft
Khaki Jacket - Loft
Pants - Talbots
Shoes -Talbots

As always thank you for reading!

Monday in Argyle

Hello all, and happy Monday. Over the weekend, I popped into the Old Navy, and picked ups some stuff for DD, but managed to find a thing or two for myself. For some reason, this lovely oversized grandpa cardigan was only $10. It was sooo warm. I wish I'd bought another one just for lounging around the house. And umm, I guess its $25 online now?

I think a bunch of you have this tweed skirt from Talbots, it was pretty popular this summer, came in yellow, pink and green - maybe blue too? At any rate, I am a huge fan.

Also, this necklace marks my first (and therefore oldest)"casual" piece of Judith Ripka jewelry I bought, The first items were for my wedding, but this I bought just for fun. Yay.

Argyle Cardigan - Old Navy
Yellow Tweed Skirt - Talbots
White Tee - Target
Shoes - Gretta via 6pm
Pendant and Chain - Judith Ripka -"Q-line" via QVC

As always thanks for reading!!

Week's Outfits

Hey everyone. How was the week? Hopefully good. I did a little shopping this weekend, picked up a couple of sweaters from Old Navy, and took advantage of the 50% off markdowns at the Loft. Our weather hasn't quite decided if its fall yet or not, so we have chill mornings and sultry afternoons. Hard to decide what to wear each day. :-/

My daughter is getting fairly excited for Halloween, well, I guess I should say she's getting excited for candy. We don't eat much candy in our home (and none of us have ever had a cavity), so Halloween is candy time around here. I am not a huge fan of spooky /scary stuff, hate scary movies and Haunted Houses, but I have read an eerie book or two in my day. If you are looking for a creepy Halloween book, my two favorite spooky books are: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, The Wise Woman by Phillipa Gregory (creepy and claustrophobic)

And here is what I wore this week:

Denim Skirt - Chadwicks
Shoes - Talbots

Cardigan - Talbots
White Tee - Target
Pants - Limited
Shoes - Chadwicks

Cardigan - Talbots
Tee - Loft

Jacket - Chadwicks
Tee - Loft
Jeans - Talbots
Shoes - Chadwicks

Giveaway WInner

Hey All,

The giveaway winner was....

And who was number 10? Tammigirl!

Thanks so much everyone, and I have more big giveaways planned, so stay tuned!


Is it Friday yet?

Ok, I am going to say, the week back after vacation, is a super hard week! LOL

Navy Tshirt - Loft
Argyle Cardigan - Talbots
Bi-Stretch Pants - Talbots
Suede Flats - Talbots

Halfway there ya'll

Happy Hump Day!

Today was one of those days where I couldn't seem to get anything right. Numbers weren't adding up on my reports, a big project I am working on is slowing to a grind, etc etc. Ah well. If those are my biggest complaints, who can complain?

For some reason, I missed yesterday, so today there are two. :-)

Sweater - Talbots
Blouse - Loft
Skirt - Chadwicks
Shoes - Chadwicks

Jacket - Loft
Blouse - Talbots (one of the $15 tops from end of summer final sale)
Pants - Target
Shoes -Franco Sarto via

PS. I will post some vacation pics this week! :-)

Hello Friends!

Hi everyone! I am back from a 6 day cruise. It has been crazy around here, between budgeting going on a work earlier than usual, and coinciding with the vacation that I meticulously plan to NOT coincide with budgeting - well its been crazy. Needless to say, I have LOTS of catching up to do. Please be sure and enter the $75 CSN giftcard giveaway - its a good one!!

Here is today's outfit. Its uniform time hehe. So, I can see I totally missed all the great Columbus Day sales! Did anyone snag some new goodies? I would love to hear about it.

Cardigan - Talbots Fall 09
Tee - Loft Fall 09
Skirt - New York and CO Fall 09
Shoes - Chadwicks ?

As always, thanks for reading!!


Update: 10:05 Contest is now closed!! Thanks all, I will post the winner soon!!

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A couple of outfits

Wow! We got fall in a hurry this week. It got super rainy and chilly - I guess its this way through most of the east coast. Stay dry out there!

I have a new giveaway starting on Tuesday! Stay tuned. :-)

Oh and please ignore the "goodwill bag" that was so unceremoniously dumped on the landing there.

Jacket, Skirt and Shoes - Loft
Top - Target

Tee, Scarf, Pants - Talbots
Sweater and Shoes - Loft