Watching Earl...

Hey all! Got big labor day plans? We are waiting for some wind and rain over here.

Denim Skirt - Loft $30
Sailcloth Jacket - Loft $30
Top - Talbots $15

Pants - The Limited
Black Tee - Loft
Reddish cadi - Talbots


  1. Love that Loft jacket and regret not getting it. But I have to say that red cardi just lights up your face!

    You're in my prayers as the hurricane approaches...

  2. OMG - I am still so in love w/your hair. That reddish cardi is great w/your skin tone.

  3. Stay safe! Although I must admit, hurricane parties can be kind of fun. :)

    I love that bright cardigan, it looks fantastic on you! Super, super color for you.

  4. Love those Limited pants, very chic!

  5. Love the ATL jacket.....We are about the same size and height.....I love getting ideas from other "short and curvies"

    Please check me out at

  6. Love your outfits as always!

    Oh yeah! How is everything? Did you guys survive Earl? Was it really bad?

  7. No big plans for the weekend, the weather is kind of moody here to.
    Hope Eal doens't treat you very bad.
    Nice outfits as always.

  8. Kvetch - THanks! And Earl passed by with barely a whimper!

    Gi - thank you, I am still getting acclimated to the hair, but its all good. :-)

    Mel - thanks! I don't mind the hurricane party...until the power goes out LOL.

    Callandra - thanks!

    Morgan -thanks so much!I added you to my blog list.

    Hil - thank you!!

    Corie - Yes, it was just fine! Earl barely gave us rain!

    Nurmisur - thank you so much~ good to hear from you! :-)

  9. Not a lot of labor day plans over here since our weather is also cold and drizzly. Mostly I'm just hanging out with family, but I did go to a video game convention with friends, which was an interesting experience.

    I love that jacket! Was that from this summer? Loft's fall selection is so beautiful this year. I had a coupon and hit them up this weekend and got a rust-colored cardigan that I fell in love with. I'm sure I'll be heading back there once the sales kick in.

  10. Earl was such a bust... which was fine for me!


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