Talbots Jackets!

No one told me that Talbots had new jackets!?!?!?!! See, a girl sticks her head underground for just a few days, and look what happens!! Look at that collar!!

I got a promo email today from Talbots - its 20% off your entire purchase and $5 shipping. I know sometimes these codes work for others, and sometimes not, but here it is in case you are looking for one: 900400673 exp 10.11.10. Click here for the in-store printable.

It looks like there are all new fits to the jackets - although I did not get my new catalog yet - so weird because I normally get it a little early??? Shrugs, guess we will see - might have to pop into a store and grab one. At any rate, there are 3 new fits:

Grace - Classic Fit
Jackie - Straight Fit
Kate - Curvy Fit

I will have to try them on to see how they go. I think they already used to cut the jackets in these 3 fits, but have named them now.

And I know I "swore off" embellished cardis, but can I really pass this one up? no....I can't.

Oh, and lastly, there is something about these, that are just calling to me ??
Anyone been in to see the new stuff? I know Gigi has!


  1. Thanks for the code. I have been dying to buy this red bag and was hoping I would get a coupon code on top of the sale price. It worked and I saved another $25. thanks@!


    I will be checking out the jackets in the stores to see the fits. I love that one with the gathered lapels!

  2. The cardi and the jacket are both SO cute! I definitely feel that Talbots is trying to follow in the footsteps of AT and transforming themselves into another J.Crew...I am not complaining though. Thanks for the rec, off I go to browse!

  3. Define must-haves. Those shoes are my favorite.

  4. Leave it to you to simply the grace/jackie/kate fits. Great job! I love the 1st jacket you posted. Saw it in the catalog I recvd the other day. Yah, where ya been? *lol*

    I am going to resist those shoes even though it's hard. I keep seeing them on the website and the sleekness and beauty of them hurt. I have flat oxfords & a pump, so I'll have to take a picture and save it.

  5. Thank you so much for that code. Talbots has a pair of trousers that I'm dying for (Hope they fit - fingers crossed) I really like your picks, and those boots in a platform!? Shut Up - Those are too cool!

  6. Oh man, I thought I was totally 'over' embellished cardigans too, but how pretty is THAT?!

    And I so love those shoes!!

  7. The shoes are awesome! I love vintage inspired shoes. The cardigan with a lace skirt and those shoes would rock. Now to find a lace skirt...which has been difficult :/

  8. Oh, I SWEAR those shoes are calling my name. And the collar on that jacket is too cute.

  9. Thanks for posting guys! If you grab something from Talbots lemme know! I love seeing other ladies wear their items. :-)


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