Last week

Hey all, how was this week for anyone? Any great shopping stories? (or any great stories in general?) Things  are good here, still busy, but good. 

Jacket - Loft
Skirt - Talbots
Tshirt - Loft
Shoes - Nine West

Jacket - Loft
Scarf - Talbots
Tee - Talbots
Skirt - Chadwicks
Shoes - Loft

Cardigan - Talbots
Pants - Coldwater Creek
Tee - Loft

As always thank you for reading!!


  1. I love the jacket in the first outfit, really cute :)

  2. You look cute as always!

    I didn't do any shopping this weekend. bummer!

  3. Cute oufits. I am a big fan of adding jackets and cardigans to outfits.

  4. I've done some great shopping at the hospital gift shop/boutique lol. Other than that, nothing! I love the first outfit and your hair.

  5. Oh, how I wish it was jacket weather around here. ;) I really like the yellow cardigan over the grey.

  6. Patina and that great boutique. Lucky!

    Bianca, you look good. Have you tried the Talbot's lipstick, by chance? I need to stop by the store to see if I can get one.

  7. Looove that Loft jacket in the first outfit.

  8. You have such a great collection of jackets. Le sigh.

  9. Iris - thank you so much :-)

    Corie - aww man. Maybe this weekend ;-)

    Manecourse - mee too! :-)

    Oh Patina - if only we could all have a hospital gift shop to check out daily. ;0)

    FJ - Thank you!

    Kyla - yes, that is true, and I love them all. :-P

    Life - its been cool and rainy. :-/

    Gi - I have not tried the lipstick! Tell me how it looks!


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