Hey Everyone, Happy Monday!

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. :-P

This is me at La Terasita in Tampa (a must eat) recently. They have spruced the place up a bit since last time I was in town, but the food is still cheap, yummy and plentiful. Here I am with fried plantains, black beans and rice and vaca frita (Friday Nights only) Delish!

Ok, here is todays outfit,

Skirt by Chadwick's
Jacket by Talbots
Sweater by Loft
Shoes by Aersoles

And here is something from last week sometime? Not sure when I took this, its been a bit of a blur. Its "budgeting time" at work and being one of the few analysts at our company, its CRUNCH time for me. I may be in and out over the next month or so for that exact reason.

Sweater by Talbots
Pants from Target
Tee from Talbots
Am I wearing shoes? I hope I wore some to work this day.

Hope everyone is doing GREAT, and thanks so much for reading!


  1. Pretty blue stripe scarf.

    I flat ironed my hair. I'm on my way to hotness like you :-)

  2. Bianca you are so cute! I love your skirt from Chadwicks. I need to do some shopping at Chadwicks. You find the cutest items.

  3. I'm so glad I found this blog! I am very, very petite (4'11 1/4" hehe) and curvy. I do prefer "petite" (re: your sidebar) because it presents a message of pride & beauty. (Petite is soooo cute!) (BTW, I don't favor "_-challenged, but I sure am shopping-challenged. Shorter legs than petite pants and on a budget!) Also to fight back at those who think petite is skinny. That's 00 not petite jackets, pants, (arm/leg length) etc. I do like long waisted tops because of my belly though. A long time ago a blog commenter replied, "there is no plus petite" and I just got so sad. It sticks with me. I am a smaller size (~10) than I would be taller, so sure I'm not plus, but I think I look it or wicked close. I am too short to be a petite model (boo!) and plus sized models are like 12s anyway! Ugh. But if there are no plus petite SIZES that is another kind of sad. Looking forward to continue reading your blog!!

  4. I love the scarf in your first photo! Your two outfits are great, I love that pencil skirt in the first one and the red cardi in the second.

    Don't you hate it when pants seem the perfect length in real life, but in pictures they look way too long? I have lots of pants like that. :)

  5. Love that skirt and Love that scarf. You sure know how to pick great pieces!!

    Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

  6. Love that scarf (the food looks so yummy!)

  7. You look so cute. I love that skirt.

  8. I really like the last outfit and could totally copy it.
    Hope your work goes well and you'll be back soon.

  9. Gigi - I bet its beautiful!

    Corie - thank you!I do like the Chadwicks stuff I have.

    Curves Ahead - Thank you!

    Ella - Thank you so much for stopping by! And I know every 1/4 inch counts! :-)

    Melissa - thank you! and LOL @ the pants. (My shoes are magic LOL)

    Jen - thank you!Thanks for stopping by / commenting, and I love your blog!

    Callandra - the food was GREAT :-0

    ManeCoarse - thank you! Much appreciated!

    Nurmisur - thanks girl. Its exhausting LOL.

  10. AHHH hearing La Teresita is a blast from my past. I used to eat here all the time when I lived in Tampa while attending USF. The mariquitas are delish. Yumm I got hungry just thinking about the good food.


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