Talbots Jackets!

No one told me that Talbots had new jackets!?!?!?!! See, a girl sticks her head underground for just a few days, and look what happens!! Look at that collar!!

I got a promo email today from Talbots - its 20% off your entire purchase and $5 shipping. I know sometimes these codes work for others, and sometimes not, but here it is in case you are looking for one: 900400673 exp 10.11.10. Click here for the in-store printable.

It looks like there are all new fits to the jackets - although I did not get my new catalog yet - so weird because I normally get it a little early??? Shrugs, guess we will see - might have to pop into a store and grab one. At any rate, there are 3 new fits:

Grace - Classic Fit
Jackie - Straight Fit
Kate - Curvy Fit

I will have to try them on to see how they go. I think they already used to cut the jackets in these 3 fits, but have named them now.

And I know I "swore off" embellished cardis, but can I really pass this one up? no....I can't.

Oh, and lastly, there is something about these, that are just calling to me ??
Anyone been in to see the new stuff? I know Gigi has!

Last week

Hey all, how was this week for anyone? Any great shopping stories? (or any great stories in general?) Things  are good here, still busy, but good. 

Jacket - Loft
Skirt - Talbots
Tshirt - Loft
Shoes - Nine West

Jacket - Loft
Scarf - Talbots
Tee - Talbots
Skirt - Chadwicks
Shoes - Loft

Cardigan - Talbots
Pants - Coldwater Creek
Tee - Loft

As always thank you for reading!!

Hey Everyone, Happy Monday!

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. :-P

This is me at La Terasita in Tampa (a must eat) recently. They have spruced the place up a bit since last time I was in town, but the food is still cheap, yummy and plentiful. Here I am with fried plantains, black beans and rice and vaca frita (Friday Nights only) Delish!

Ok, here is todays outfit,

Skirt by Chadwick's
Jacket by Talbots
Sweater by Loft
Shoes by Aersoles

And here is something from last week sometime? Not sure when I took this, its been a bit of a blur. Its "budgeting time" at work and being one of the few analysts at our company, its CRUNCH time for me. I may be in and out over the next month or so for that exact reason.

Sweater by Talbots
Pants from Target
Tee from Talbots
Am I wearing shoes? I hope I wore some to work this day.

Hope everyone is doing GREAT, and thanks so much for reading!

Finally found a reason I should have a Twitter

Talbots is having 20% off and free standard shipping tonight only 4pm to 8pm. Coupon Code


Happy Shopping!!

Loft Style Studio - Jackets, Jackets, Jackets

So, I went to the Loft weekend event. There were LOTS of new things in store, but the current color palette is not the best for my skin tone. Gives me a 'muddy' look. I brought my daughter because she LOVES the goodies that are in store usually for these events. But my store didn't have any LOL. She was a little bummed.

So, I didn't find much to take into the dressing rooms, however, I did try on a few jackets....

The first is the
Cropped Tweed Jacket.

I do think this is cute, but not sure about it being cropped. I like my jackets to hit a little lower on the hip. I think it gives me a VERY PEAR look and I prefer to look a little more balanced. I might get this in the end, but it will have to be much less than $148 - 30% because I will not get as much use out of the crop look. It looks GREAT on Gigi

Here it is on me in a misses Large. The large fit great, buttoned without gapping and was perfect in the shoulder.

The next one I tried was the Tweed Jacket with Chain Detail:

Here is it on me in a Misses Large:

This one is a little odd for me. Its a zip jacket, and has sort of that stretchy bomber jacket waistband, so when you zip it it crops up even further. (boo) The XL was too boxy/large, and I felt this large was way too small.

I am also considering a similarly fabricated tweed jacket from Speigal. Its a little cheaper than the Loft one, and no stretchy waistband.

The final item I tried was also a jacket, the cotton sateen jacket with ruffle collar (that's a mouthful):

This is a really, really nice jacket. Do not be fooled by the horrible photo of it online. I love the drama on the collar there. I would totally have purchased this item, but it was out in my size. It comes in numbered sizes, the one I have on below is a 12, and I really needed the 14, possibly a 16. If they get a 14 in, I will check it out again. See my sad face below? LOL

Did you guys find anything?

Outfit Roundup

Hey ladies, I have been a bit remiss in posting, so here is a quick round up on the outfits this week. Last Friday, we decided to go to down to Tampa for the holiday weekend. That was quite a whirlwind vacation, but I really miss Florida, it was nice to be there, even if it was only a couple of days. Lets see...what else? That hurricane that was bearing down on our area decided to completely miss us, which was fine by me. We got less rain than usual that day. Ok, well, I guess thats it! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Top - Talbots $15
Sweater - Talbots $15
Skirt - Talbots $47 (I saw a TON of these last time I was in ATL at the clearance center)
Shoes - Aerosoles

Sweater - Loft $?
Ponte Knit Dress - HSN Outlet $17
Shoes - Loft $10

Ok here, I started with the belt, and then 86ed it, I decided it needed to be fatter or skinnier. Ah well. :-) Oh, and I just realized that I wore almost this exact same outfit (different loft tee) last time I wore the sweater LOL.

Sweater - Talbots $35
Tee - Loft $?
Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Belt - Talbots $12
Shoes - Aerosoles

(no belt)

Well, that was a long one, thanks for reading!

Oh Fall, I can hardly wait....

These images are both from the TJ Maxx Fall collection:

I love this jacket, the skirt and the tights being the bright pop of color!
I really, really love colored gloves. I have a pair of purple from last year, and those red ones are calling my name!!

Oh, and this last image is form Marshalls. I think this would be super cute with denim and a white tee,

Watching Earl...

Hey all! Got big labor day plans? We are waiting for some wind and rain over here.

Denim Skirt - Loft $30
Sailcloth Jacket - Loft $30
Top - Talbots $15

Pants - The Limited
Black Tee - Loft
Reddish cadi - Talbots

CSN Giveaway Winner

Hey all, thanks so much for participating. We will have another drawing coming up soon.

Tonight's winner is lucky #61

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Thanks for playing, and congrats to Kari!!