Weekend Liner Notes

I am loving the closet convo going on, please keep posting!

Aside from organizing my closet, I think my mind is starting to turn towards fall. I did not do very well last year with the move, and Fall was upon me before I realised it. This year, now that I am not in a year round summer wonderland, I need to remember to get some fall things before the first snow. Maybe later this week we can talk about what we are looking forward to this year as the temps drop.

Ok, here are my notes for the upcoming weekend:

Liz Claiborne has finally landed at QVC. They are starting with 18 classic fall pieces. I am watching the show right now, and the clothes look pretty good, and are somewhat cheaper than LC was in the stores. Also, looks like they are offering Petite in their jeans, up to 3XLP. The TSV is a pretty cute cardigan type sweater (its for all day Saturday)

Loft we know is doing friends and family through the end of the week, I grabbed Ariana 3 pairs of pants for school, and they set me back a whopping $18....Check it out, see if there might be some great $4.99, $6.88 and $9.88 treasures left in your store. :-)

Talbots - Talbots will be finishing up the 70% off sale, which means items will go up in price after this weekend is over. I do not know if the final sale indication will disappear along with it? There is also 20% off any full price item and free shipping over $100 using coupon FB50K (online only). Also, for teachers there is 20% off until Aug 16th with code TEACHERS2010 or instores.I thought it was very odd that Talbots campaigned to their their email subscribers with a promise of a "Special Facebook Offer" if they "Liked" Talbots on FB, and then used the same offer that all these people would have just received...being email subscribers....ah well LOL. I was hoping for free ship, no min, but I guess with $6 items on their site, they are erring on the side of caution. :-)

So you know, the Limited has a 15% in-store discount for students and teachers, but for back to school, they are offering it to everyone, (code 699, full priced items only) so be sure to check them out. It does look like they have stopped carrying the 18 size, which used to come in regular, long or short lengths, which is too bad - it was nice that they had that one extended size available.

DSW has $10 non sale merchandise for "VIP" (free rewards program) members using code GET10 (exp 8.10) And since you can combine codes, use SHPR with your $35 order for free shipping.

JJill has 25% off all sale and outlet items (auto in cart) through this weekend, and if you spend over $150 with code FREE08

Anything you guys are shopping for?


  1. I am tempted to hit a Loft again for more bargains. In case there were any returns or something they found in the stockroom. I have a top to return so I might. Other than that, I don't plan on being out there.

  2. I finally got a great deal at Talbots! Purchased a Black canvas jacket for 21.88! I couldn't find a picture online but I'll be sure to post one soon!

  3. Talbots must have thought they were being really generous to Facebook fans by posting the sale announcement on Facebook about 6 hours ahead of the email going out. Then the link didn't work for some people who were not clever enough to go to the site and find the code, which was in plain sight.

    If my garments do not fit, I'll be searching for someone with whom to trade. My last 'take a chance' purchases turned out okay.

  4. Who knew teachers got a discount? I only knew we got one at Barnes and Noble but I had no idea about the clothing stores. That is great.

  5. I have decided not to take my daughter 'school clothes' shopping. We've realized that we shop throughout the year and she still has items with tags on them! I did give in and buy a cute dress for her at Zara for only $20 bucks! There are lots of great sales....but I just can't do it!

  6. Gigi - Cant wait to see if you find anything! :-)

    Natalie - Yay! I knew you would do it. ;-) Hehe. Wear it well.

    Nell - my last name starts with a "C", so I got mine on Thursday at 3pm, made the FB announcement REALLY anti-climactic for me (hehe)...my recent buys were mostly hits, but two items I am a little "meh" about LOL

    Beth - I posted a few more! :-)

    Corie - Nice!! Give her a challenge to remove every new tag before she gets anymore clothes LOL!! OK, maybe thats a challenge I need to try my darn self.

  7. I'm eager to hear what you found less than a big hit. I think all my purchases were unlike yours, not by design but just different needs.

  8. Of course, the two items I did not love as much as I thought I would were the Crochet Trim Shirt (#A252021) and the Embroidered Tank (#E253021)- I was hoping for a loose casual fit as shown in the catalog, but in my size, the tops are fitted like blouses. The other top that was featured with other two in the catalog (Origami Pleated Top #A04021) fit exactly as I had hoped so, one out of three I guess. I went back to rebuy the tops in a larger size, but they were sold out. :-(


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