A vested interest?

Oh my titles.....Sometimes I cannot help myself with the puns. Apologies in advance.

I mentioned a few weeks ago my favorite blouse from Talbot's - sateen with the ruching? This is the other color I bought at the time.

Blue Sateen Shirt - Talbots $30 (Winter 08)
Black Vest - Loft $5
Grey Skirt - Speigel $11.25
Woven Belt - Talbots $15 (recent final sale item)

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  1. adorei seu blog !!!
    bjnsssss ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Pretty! I like it! I just bought a black vest myself and am still trying to figure out how to wear it. (I think, like most things, I'm making it harder than it really needs to be!)

  3. I can't figure out what to do with vests, either, but this makes me think I could do it. Love the color of that top and your punny title.

  4. Actually, I always enjoy your little "title jokes", very amusing!.......And I love the way you mix up your clothes!

  5. I love the outfit! I love the shape it gives and it's very flattering! I love skirts sooo much and you've defintely made me put a smart vest on my wish list now!

  6. Hey girl. Love your outfit and I'm thinking about incorporating vests into my wardrobe this season. It's a great way to update my wardrobe without spending a lot of money. I'm still a Jcrew girl at heart, but Talbots is giving jcrew a run for their money this season...their fall catalog is to die for!

  7. Lu - thanks!

    FJ and Pear - wear it with anything! Already Pretty wears vests a bunch, so check her out too.

    Call- thanks! ;-)

    Curvy -thank you!

    Patina!! (hugs) Be sure and check out the vests this season, I have seen a ton of cute tweed numbers I am eyeballing. The Talbots new cat is great. I am loving it. Lots of things marked....

  8. $5 for a vest? You scope out the best deals! I need to get back into my vests this fall - I haven't worn them since mid-Spring.

    Thanks for your sweet welcome back message. :)


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